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Foreign language voiceover and subtitling services have become an essential component in activities including digital marketing and health and safety, as companies increasingly opt for audiovisual means to facilitate communication with overseas audiences. Whether it’s a marketing campaign on social media for your international customers, a CEO’s message to employees across the world or a health and safety course for your global workforce, having a quality foreign language voiceover and subtitling service is vital to ensure you message is understood. Our specialist voiceover artists, translators and production team will accurately reflect the intent of the original message and ensure on-brand consistency. Here at The Translation People we boast state-of-the-art studio facilities and expert foreign language voiceover and subtitling project management so you can benefit from a complete service solution handled with all the professionalism and reliability that has helped make our reputation what it is – unbeatable.

Why Choose The Translation People?

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Professional voiceover artists: by recording only in their native language and with a knack for recognising and reflecting tone, style, and the most subtle of nuances, our artists lend every project an unbeatable level of integrity, clarity, and natural charisma.

Voice variety: despite only working with the industry’s very best professional artists, our voiceover network is incredibly vast in scope and sector experience. The Translation People offer a truly tailored experience where you can choose from virtually every world language and select your preferred artist based on gender, age, dialect and accent.

State-of-the-art studios: we record and edit in our advanced media studios under the watchful eye of highly-skilled engineers with specialist experience of foreign language voiceover and subtitling. Whether we are mixing backing tracks to voiceover recordings or matching subtitle timings to speech,





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