Software Localisation Services


The need for software localisation has increased dramatically over the last 20 years as software interfaces have become an integral part of a whole range of products, from consumer electronics and data analysis through to medical devices and industrial machinery. The explosion in all sorts of different apps has also generated a much greater need to consider software localisation for developers looking to expand their markets. For all of these scenarios, a quality offering is key to ensuring user satisfaction with the products and ultimately ensuring brand loyalty and improved sales, especially when customer reviews and feedback are such a key element of consumer decision making.

What does our software localisation process involve?

Our service is genuinely comprehensive and covers the following:

  • Building, testing and UI verification for software or help-based products including traditional software and help right through to multimedia, web, Mac, PC, server, and client-side applications.
  • Use of highly specialist tools to extract, translate and re-insert the text contained in your software including features like toolbars and error messages by our in-house experts.
  • Rigorous pre-launch testing ensures that the newly localised text appears exactly how it’s supposed to, when the end user applies it.

Why use The Translation People for software localisation services?

It’s simple: we’ve got the expertise and resources to provide high-performance software localisation for a huge range of projects, including new media applications for mobile phones and PDAs as well as more conventional PC-based applications.

Better still, we don’t only translate features like user interfaces and online help; we also translate installation guides, license agreements and all the other documentation that’s necessary to launch the software into another market.

Our technical team is one of the best in the business and they work closely with the client to plan, implement and test multilingual software that really delivers results. Our engineers are experts too, with all the experience and knowledge to create successful software even in languages with alternative alphabets like Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Our standards are high, and our track record of success shows why businesses of all shapes and sizes trust us to deliver their software localisation projects on time and within budget.

What you can expect from The Translation People?

  • Professional Translators
  • In-house software engineering team
  • Complex file formats handled
  • Rigorous QA checks
  • Use of Translation Memory Tools
  • Post integration checks

If you require software localisation services, request a quote or contact us now.