Multilingual Transcription

multilingual-transcription-servicesOur multilingual transcription service uses expert transcribers to carry out work quickly and accurately, tailoring the way they work to the exact requirements of each individual client. Our transcribers are talented linguists with an ear for nuance, and that means the finished transcript will be as faithful and accurate as it can be.

We’re capable of working with projects of all sizes, from mere seconds of speech through to far more extensive or ongoing projects, and we’re happy to work with audio in a wide range of formats including CD, DVD, MP3, MOV, AVI and WAV. What’s more, we’re able to transcribe from almost every world language and in response to clients from any industry sector, and we’re also capable of producing timecoded transcriptions. Examples of work we’ve already produced for our clients include transcriptions for conferences, videos, interviews and presentations.

As always, we use dedicated account managers to give our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their project will be assigned to an experienced professional committed to seeing it through successfully. We’ll take your brief, undertake the work and present it to you in whatever format you choose, and we’ll do it on time and within budget, guaranteed.

If you require transcription services, please contact us now.