News | 29.10.2020

Trick or treat? The etymology of Halloween words

One of the wonderful things about language is the way in which different languages influence and draw their origins from each other. You may know that the word ‘Halloween’ itself is derived from the English All Hallows’ Eve, but we decided to delve deeper into the etymology of some of the holiday’s essential spooky words!…

News | 15.09.2020

Translations to African and Eastern European languages vital for UK business growth

  Brexit has caused a major shake-up for businesses that had been planning to expand into Europe. The uncertain nature of what the future holds for the UK’s relationship with countries like France, Germany and Spain has seen fewer companies seek a new footprint within EU territory and instead, they are looking further afield. In…

News | 03.09.2020

The Importance of Terminology Management.

After a hard day’s work there is nothing better than getting home and popping on your dressing gown, or your bathrobe (…or is it your housecoat?), getting comfortable on the sofa, or couch…or should that be settee (?!), and then tucking into a barm, or a cob…or even a bread roll or muffin! All these…

Translation technology | 03.08.2020

Remote Interpreting: Zoom vs Remote Interpreter from The Translation People

The demand for remote interpreting software has increased by more than 200% since March of this year, according to translation thinktank Common Sense Advisory. Businesses have had to find solutions to the problem of having discussions, conferences and meetings in different languages during the travel restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are…

News | 04.05.2020

Increasing international business with translation services

The benefits of using translation services to communicate with non-English speakers and boost international growth have long been documented. And with much of the world’s economy in shutdown and the prospect of a prolonged global recession looming, it is important for businesses to look for alternative markets to mitigate the long-term effects of the crisis….

News | 01.04.2020

E-Learning localisation: Keeping the wheels of business turning

At this time, more than ever, a company needs to communicate effectively and engage with its employees, wherever in the world they may be located, and a key success factor will be to communicate with them in their native language, which is where e-learning localisation becomes crucial. Whilst business for many may be experiencing a…

E-Learning localisation: Keeping the wheels of business turning

News | 05.03.2020

When it comes to reducing translation costs: think smarter, not cheaper.

When it comes to reducing the cost of your translation – it’s not about being cheaper, it’s about being smarter. At The Translation People we combine two important variables to ensure we offer clients our most competitive pricing, while also ensuring the highest levels of translation quality. These two variables are: how we work and…

When it comes to reducing translation costs: think smarter, not cheaper.

News | 09.10.2019

7 ways to avoid hitting a brick wall with learning and development translation

In advance of the World of Learning event this year in Birmingham, at which The Translation People will, once again, be exhibiting, we wanted to share some best practices when translating learning and development content. Given our longstanding track record with learning and development translations over the years, we are keen to share our experiences…

News | 11.06.2019

6 reasons why your translation quality might be poor

Translation quality is perhaps the most important factor when commissioning translations, so why do so many agencies get it wrong? Many buyers have received a translation at some point that they are told is ‘not right’ or ‘looks like a Google Translation’, causing potential embarrassment and poor sales or product delays. What are the reasons…

6 reasons why your translation quality might be poor

News | 11.03.2019

Translation, transcreation, localisation… what’s the difference?

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking there’s not much more to a translation company like The Translation People than, well, translation. It may seem as though our industry simply deals with taking a text from one language and converting it into another, but in reality, a large number of the requests we handle on a…

Translation, transcreation, localisation… what’s the difference?

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