News | 24.06.2022

Meet the translator – Katie

For this edition of ‘Meet the Translator’ we spoke to Katie, one of our creative French to English and German to English translators.   How did you get started with languages and translation?   I first learned that other languages existed on my first holiday abroad to France when I was six ­– I was…

Meet the translator – Katie

Translators | 12.10.2021

Meet the Translator – Lena

  In this instalment of ‘Meet the Translator’, we chat to Lena, a translation and transcreation expert.   Tell us more about yourself!   I’m originally from Germany but lived in Stockholm for five years and studied literature at Stockholm University. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Stockholm I moved to London to work for…

Meet the Translator – Lena

Translators | 09.03.2021

Meet the Translator – Hayley

  In this blog, we speak to one of our regular translators, Hayley, about her experience working as a translator, her background and her passion for languages.   Hi Hayley, tell us more about yourself!   Hi! I’ve been a translator for 9 years now and have been working with The Translation People for over…

Meet the Translator – Hayley

Language focus | 29.09.2017

International Translation Day 2017

For over 60 years, International Translation Day has been celebrated every year on 30th September. The date was originally chosen to mark the occasion as it is the feast day of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators. Set up by the International Federation of Translators (FIT), this annual celebration of all things translation has…

International Translation Day  2017

Language focus | 21.03.2016

The Translation People take part in the Language Show Live Scotland

Last weekend the Language Show Live Scotland was held over two days at the SECC in Glasgow. “The event for people passionate about languages”[1], the show provided a forum where exhibitors and visitors alike could celebrate all that languages bring from both a cultural and a commercial point of view. There were Language Taster Classes,…

Employees | 07.01.2016

Spotlight on: roles at a Translation Company

In the first of a series of features that goes behind the scenes at a translation company, we look at key roles and their responsibilities.    Account Management Let’s start by looking at the role of the Account Manager. You could be forgiven for thinking that Account Managers must resemble some mythical creature with the ability to grow extra arms, such is their ability…

Services | 30.11.2015

Translation myths debunked

We hear it all the time: international borders are becoming invisible as globalisation brings the world closer together. This puts translation firmly on the list of must-haves for most international businesses, but how much of what we know about translation is true? Here, we take a look at the top three myths about the translation…

Translation myths debunked

Translation Industry News | 25.04.2014

Translation: to Outsource or not to Outsource?

One of the challenges facing companies managing multilingual content is whether to use the services of a Language Service Provider (LSP) or to ask an internal resource to perform the translation. This issue is particularly relevant for companies with offices around the world with employees who are willing or able to take on this task….

Language focus | 02.07.2013

Languages Careers Fair at The University of Manchester

On Friday 7th June, Alan White, The Translation People’s Business Development Manager, gave a presentation to students at the Languages Careers Fair of The University of Manchester on how to succeed as a translator (both working in-house in agencies and on a freelance basis). The Translation People is acutely aware of the importance of taking…

Translators | 24.09.2012

Wanted: Manga translator!

Who can translate from Japanese into English – and is a Manga fan? JManga Inc., a Japanese company, announced the Manga translation competition, which is running as a joint venture with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. Both professional translators and amateurs are encouraged to submit their entries for the competition, which runs until 26th…

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