Services | 02.11.2018

5 Tips to Make Your Website Translation a Success

5 Tips to Make Your Website Translation a Success

Translation technology | 04.12.2017

Machine Translation: Another Step Forward

Machine translation (MT) is nothing new, with the first live demonstration done back in the 1950s. But as Google Translate and similar products prove, MT output has become usable and accessible for anyone with a reliable Internet connection. This technology (usually enterprise-level machine translation engines) is used extensively in the translation industry for certain types…

Machine Translation: Another Step Forward

Translation technology | 16.09.2016

Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory technology? How to successfully balance speed, quality and cost – it’s a dilemma all businesses face. In the translation field, the use of Translation Memory (TM) software, which contributes to improvements in each of these three vital areas, is relatively widespread among language service providers. So why is it sometimes shrouded…

Translation technology | 04.04.2016

Machine Translation: Friend or Foe?

Now is an exciting time for the translation industry. With such massive technological developments taking place year after year, the traditional image of a translator sitting at their desk, sheets of paper everywhere and a well-thumbed dictionary to hand is, without doubt, a thing of the past. Nowadays, it’s all cloud-based glossaries, real-time translation memory…

Machine Translation: Friend or Foe?

Translation technology | 01.03.2016

Will Skype Translator really change the way we do business?

  With the launch of Skype Translator, technology has taken its first steps into a future where humans can speak in any language at the click of a mouse button. Automated interpretation of spoken language may sound hugely ambitious but Microsoft has invested billions in Skype since its acquisition in 2011, and the early results…

Will Skype Translator really change the way we do business?

Translation Industry News | 25.04.2014

Translation: to Outsource or not to Outsource?

One of the challenges facing companies managing multilingual content is whether to use the services of a Language Service Provider (LSP) or to ask an internal resource to perform the translation. This issue is particularly relevant for companies with offices around the world with employees who are willing or able to take on this task….

Language focus | 04.03.2014

Terminology Management

The ability to manage terminology in any language is crucial to maintaining brand value in the different markets in which you operate. So what are the best practices for achieving this goal? We firstly need to define terminology management: terminology is essentially a word or a short phrase that defines a concept.  The management of…

Language focus | 19.03.2013

The End of Interpreters? (I don’t think so!)

Whilst flicking through articles on the BBC News website, my eyes fell upon the rather bold (in my opinion) title of this article: “Phone call translator app to be offered by NTT Docomo”. I’m sure that anyone working in the translation industry would have been equally as intrigued by this…is the app in question really…

News | 26.06.2012

Childlike learning could lead to technical translation of the future

Last week we looked at a University of Houston approach to professional translation between sign language and spoken words; this week we look at how technical translation could, in future, be carried out by robots that have learned language in an organic way. The University of Hertfordshire is working with a childlike robot dubbed the…

News | 22.06.2012

Houston breakthrough heralds new age of professional translation for sign language

Professional translation services typically concern the mother tongues of major world economies – English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, to name just a few. However, a new kind of professional translation could soon be possible thanks to an electronic breakthrough developed in Houston. While MyVoice may sound like a NASA innovation, it was actually designed…

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