Translation Technology

Specialist translation technology designed to improve translation management, reduce costs and deliver faster turnarounds, including innovative machine translation software

Translation technology is an integral part of a translation agency’s toolkit. It is used to both improve the quality of translation work and reduce translation costs and lead times. Translation technology can also help establish the most streamlined processes and connections between systems to achieve seamless translation management, whilst AI-based technology, including machine translation software, offers cost-effective solutions for translation, voiceovers, remote interpreting and transcription.

The way content is produced and consumed is ever-changing and businesses need a translation partner that can adapt to new technologies to ensure the best possible outcome. Likewise, translation technology has also developed rapidly over the last few years, including innovative solutions for machine translation software and speech-to-text technology. At The Translation People, we believe in harnessing the power of translation technology to improve efficiencies and make translation more cost-effective and efficient. Below we describe the translation technology tools we use to achieve these goals.

Translation management

Clients are increasingly becoming involved with tracking and even managing their own translation projects. Our cloud-based client portal enables clients from anywhere in the world to upload and track projects quickly, securely and easily, as well as monitoring their translation spend. It’s simple and free to use, and also allows client teams to collaborate on translation projects and download invoice reports. What’s more, with another translation technology solution, our cloud-based translation management system, clients can gain greater visibility and control of projects, organise review by their colleagues and manage translation assets and processes in a centralised ecosystem.

  • Easy cloud-based ordering for efficient project management
  • Secure cloud-based review for automated updates to Translation Memories
  • Centralised management of translation assets

Integration and Automation

Workflow Automation

Efficiency, integration and automation are key to ensuring a quicker route to market, putting translation technology high on the priority list for many businesses. Whether you need automated workflows to ensure translation work is started immediately, or you need to establish integration between content management and translation management systems, our translation technology can help create efficient, secure and seamless processes. We offer a variety of plug-ins and connectors for CMS integration that can ensure that your translation projects are managed in the most efficient way possible, no matter what systems you work with, whilst we have a number of options for workflow automation to ensure translation is started without delay.

  • Variety of translation connectors and plugins for CMS integration, avoiding manual processes
  • Workflow automation to increase speed of translation projects
  • Secure transfer of content between systems

Quality and Consistency

Translation Memory and Terminology

Intelligent translation memory and terminology software is one of the key translation technology tools, which ensure that your preferred terminology is used throughout the translation process and that your previous translations are re-used to achieve lower costs, as well as greater consistency and client satisfaction. Through our cloud-based translation management system, we can also ensure that reviewer preferences are logged efficiently and that Translation Memories are updated in real-time in the system for future projects.

  • Previous translations reused through Translation Memories for lower costs and greater consistency
  • Terminology management to ensure preferred language used
  • Real-time updates of Translation Memories with preferred language using cloud-based Translation Management System


Machine Translation with Post-Editing

Translation memory tools allow repeated and previously translated content to be approved at the click of a button, saving valuable time and money, whilst machine translation software achieves much greater efficiency than possible with human translators alone, improving the efficiency of translation projects, reducing costs and improving lead times significantly. Whether you want raw machine output or you want to include review by a specialist linguist, we have the right AI translation solution for you. In terms of video and audio content, automated transcription tools and synthetic voices enable video translation projects and transcription projects to be completed in a fraction of the time and at lower costs.

  • Cost-effective and rapid translation using machine translation
  • AI-based transcription reduces timelines and costs for translation of audio and video content
  • Synthetic voices offer a cost-effective alternative to human voiceover

Remote working

Translation Management System

With the boom in virtual meetings over the last few years, we have invested in translation technology that allows people to communicate with others in different parts of the world whatever language they speak. From remote interpreter solutions in conferences and informal meetings through to live captioning and automated interpreting, we can cater for even the most challenging scenario, enabling you to connect people in meetings from all over the world whatever language they speak.

  • Remote interpreter solutions allowing multiple virtual interpreting booths and unlimited guests
  • Live captioning enabling real time subtitling of virtual events and presentations
  • Automated interpreting enabling you to communicate verbally in real-time in multiple languages


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