Automated video transcription and subtitling

Our automated transcription tool enables videos to be transcribed, translated and subtitled more quickly than traditional methods.

Efficient video transcription and subtitling process

The rapid rise of video content has led to higher costs for many companies, especially those who have to translate their videos for international audiences. Companies are increasingly looking to save time and money when it comes to this process and our automated transcription and subtitling tool does just that! It allows us to reduce the turnaround time and the cost of transcribing, translating and subtitling video projects significantly, allowing you to market your videos to as wide an audience as possible.

Our software enables quick and easy video transcription, with the added option of translation and the integration of subtitles into the video – all in one platform. Customers can even log into the platform to check the subtitles before they are burnt into the video, meaning no more longwinded and inefficient email chains.

With our innovative solution, we firstly upload the video into the automated transcription tool, where different options can be selected, depending on your requirements. You can choose between immediate automated transcription using AI or transcription by professional linguists. The transcription can then be checked within the platform and adapted for subtitles, aided by a preview function within the system.

If you also need a translation of the subtitles, this can be completed directly in the platform, either professionally or using a machine translation function, which also allows the user to preview and edit the translated subtitles on the video. After the review, the translated subtitles can be burnt into the video quickly and efficiently.

Quicker and more cost-effective transcriptions and subtitle translations in one platform!

  • Transcription, translation and subtitling in the same platform
  • Efficient workflow reduces delivery times for subtitling and video translation.
  • Choice of intelligent transcription software for instant automated transcription or human transcription.
  • Option of subtitle translation into a variety of languages, either by professional translators or via machine translation
  • Automated burning of the subtitles into the video - no waiting for video editors
  • Customers can login to the system themselves to preview the subtitles before they are burnt-in
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