Interpreting Services

interpreting-translation-servicesAt The Translation People, we’ve got the talent, skills and resources to provide interpreting services to the very highest standards. What’s more, we’re able to offer these services in a huge range of situations and contexts, from business meetings or conferences through to training events or court proceedings.

Over the years we’ve worked with clients from a wide range of industries and sectors, providing every one of them with the kind of carefully managed and highly tailored service their project required. How do we do it? It’s simple: we achieve this market-leading mix of quality and flexibility by drawing on our dedicated account managers and our network of talented, trusted and fully-qualified interpreters, each of whom has at least five years’ experience of professional interpreting. So, if you’re looking for an interpreting service that will prove an asset to your international event, look no further.

Specialist interpreting equipment

We understand that every client has a different requirement, and that’s why our interpreting solutions are carefully built around specific projects. Along with skilled interpreters, we’re able to provide state-of-the-art equipment including booths, headphones and microphones, not to mention skilled technicians available on-site for the duration of your event.

Types of interpreting service

We’ve got the people and hardware to offer a truly flexible service, and that means we’re able to provide each of the five main types of interpreting: ad-hoc, consecutive, simultaneous, telephone and chuchotage/whispered interpreting.

Ad-hoc interpreting is perfect for smaller meetings such as an appointment with a solicitor or a hospital visit.

Consecutive interpreting suits more formal situations where interpreting occurs either after each sentence or at the end of a short speech. This style of interpreting is commonly used in court proceedings, small conferences and group discussions.

Simultaneous interpreting is most often used at large multinational meetings where proceedings are interpreted with a 2-3 second delay. It’s a more complex form of interpreting and involves teams of two or three skilled interpreters working in soundproofed booths. Here, interpreters speak into a microphone while international delegates listen to their interpretations using headsets.

Telephone interpreting is consecutive interpreting over the telephone, and can be arranged with an interpreter on speaker-phone, dialling into a conference call or simply by calling the interpreter and passing the phone between parties.

Chuchotage or ‘whispered’ interpreting is when an interpreter sits beside one or two delegates at a meeting or conference and whispers the translated language either simultaneously or consecutively.

If you’d like to know more about how our interpreting services could help your business or organisation, please contact us now.