Interpreting Services




Just as our translators are masters of written language, our interpreting services are delivered by expert multilingual orators who will give you a credible local voice. Whether you need help with a business meeting with an overseas visitor, telephone interpreting to communicate with clients in another country or need simultaneous interpreting services for a global conference, with soundproofed booths and specialist audio equipment, we have the experience to ensure success. At The Translation People, we appreciate that each interpreting requirement is unique so we build customised solutions accordingly, drawing on decades of experience and skilled interpreters to promise quality, professionalism, and accountability. We consider the bigger picture whilst keeping our keen eye for detail, working with the industry’s very best technicians and equipment to deliver interpreting services on which you can rely.


Why Choose The Translation People?

Interpreting Services

Global network: strategically-placed interpreters ensure all corners of the globe are covered, offering you a range of dialects and over 400 language combinations whilst minimising travel cost and time.

Quality: we recruit linguists in line with ISO 9001 quality criteria and demand an unwavering commitment to industry developments as standard, and you can be confident that our dedicated, experienced Account Managers will handle the entire assignment so you can focus firmly on your responsibilities.

Interpersonal intelligence: interpreters represent your business so carrying your brand values effectively is a must. We work exclusively with reliable linguists who can demonstrate cultural sensitivity, emotional awareness, and a sound moral compass to immediately establish effective audience rapport.

Experience: our interpreters are leaders in their field. Nothing less than 5 years’ experience will do, creating trustworthy interpreting services which keep our clients coming back to us time and time again.

Equipment: we are experts in providing full service solutions and alongside interpreters we can supply booths, headphones, microphones, and on-site technical support for a smooth, seamless interpreting assignment.

Ad-hoc/liaison: the interpreting is carried out in small, informal situations such as solicitors’ appointments or group discussions. (The term is not to be confused with its use in medical circles, where it refers to untrained individuals such as family or friends who interpret to bridge a communicative gap between the patient and staff).

Consecutive: the interpreting occurs after sentences or short bursts of speech, and is commonly used in more formal situations such as court proceedings, small conferences, factory visits, and business meetings.

Simultaneous: the source voice is interpreted with a 2-3 second delay, requiring soundproof booths, microphones, and several specifically-qualified linguists to simultaneously listen, interpret, and relay the message to delegates’ headsets. It is often used for large multinational meetings, summits, and conferences.

Telephone: not all interpreting requirements can be foreseen or do not need an interpreter on-site. Our on-demand telephone interpreting services are available 24-7 to connect you to a linguist within minutes, ideal for example when ordering from overseas suppliers or negotiating with clients via conference call.

Chuchotage/whispered interpreting: the interpreter sits amongst delegates and relays the interpretation by whisper, delivering a much quicker service than consecutive interpreting. This variation is best suited to smaller audiences where a handful of attendees do not understand the source language.