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French TranslationOur French translators are native speakers and translate solely into their mother tongue. Our English to French translation projects are produced by our translation experts in a wide range of fields, including technical, legal, medical, and financial.

Here at The Translation People we are aware of the linguistic and cultural differences between the French spoken in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, France and other French speaking countries such as those in North Africa. Our account managers are on hand to discuss the variant that you need for your target audience.

Belgians use septante instead of the standard French soixante-dix (seventy), and nonante (ninety) instead of the standard quatre-vingt-dix. French speaking Canadians seem to borrow more words from the Anglo-Saxon world than the French. Although these differences are often small, they make a huge difference to the impression you give to potential business contacts.
Using your customer’s variant of French can only impress and improve the level of your communication and your business’ prospects.

French to English translation

Our French to English translation expertise includes, but is not limited to, product catalogues, user and maintenance manuals, quality procedures, technical specifications, websites and press releases. Our French to English translators are fully qualified, professional translators with experience in specific fields. We ensure that our translators have the technical knowledge required to accurately translate your subject matter into English.

The Translation People’s services are renowned globally for accuracy, fast turnaround times and our ability to work within a wide range of formats.

The Translation People has a 30 year track record in providing technical translations in all major world languages.

We can provide French translation in both combinations of English to French and/or French to English.

If you have a project that requires French translation, please request a quote or contact us now.

French language – Did you know?

According to the Ethnologue Report, 1999, French was the 11th most common first language in the world, with 77 million first language speakers and a further 51 million second language speakers.

French is the official language of France, and its overseas territories: (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, French southern and Antarctic lands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte.) It is also the official language of Bénin; Burkina Faso; Central African Republic; Congo (Democratic Republic of); Congo (Republic of); Côte d’Ivoire; Gabon; Guinea; Luxembourg; Mali; Monaco; Niger; Sénégal; Togo; the Canadian province of Québec; and the Swiss districts of Vaud, Neuchâtel, Genève, and Jura.

French is one of the official working languages of dozens of international organizations, including Amnesty International and The World Trade Organization (WTO).

French, the language of love, is a Romance language. Interestingly, “Romance” has nothing to do with love; it seems to come from the word Roman and means “from Latin.” Other sources suggest that “Romance” could also relate to the phrase romanica loqui, which in Latin means “to speak in a Roman fashion”. Regardless of which is correct “Romance” refers to the origin of the language, rather than the understanding we have of Romance today.

Why use us?

  • Our English to French translators are professionally qualified linguists and translate exclusively into their native language.
  • Translations can be provided in any format including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark XPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, InterLeaf and PageMaker.
  • All our French translators have at least five years professional translation experience and undergo a rigorous selection procedure.
English French
Good Morning Bonjour
Good evening Bonsoir
Hello Salut
Please S’il vous plaît
Thank you Merci
Not at all De rien
Excuse me Pardon Excusez-moi
Goodbye Au revoir
See you soon À bientôt

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