Website Translation Services

website-translation-servicesOur website translation and localisation service is critical for clients hoping to realise the full potential of their online presence or deliver easily understood online communications that make the right impression. With website users four times more likely to purchase from sites in their native language, translating your website is an absolute must for businesses selling products or services to an international market, or for UK businesses targeting UK residents for whom English is a second language.

Our service is so successful because it covers all aspects of website localisation, and takes clients through the entire process to deliver the widest possible package of benefits. Starting right at the beginning, we carry out a detailed project analysis and internationalisation audit to produce an equally detailed requirements specification. We also help clients plan the strategic mission of their website or online communication because only then can we develop and implement a truly comprehensive and long-term solution.

Our specialist website translators then work with visible content as well as behind-the-scenes or ‘back-end’ code to create the most consistent, effective and all-embracing communications available. Translations and localisation cover database-driven content, static content, meta tags and GUI components, and our team of specialists can work directly with a huge range of files including HTML, XML, Flash and CSS.

As well as providing an additional package of web development support for those that request it, our website developers are also able to develop our clients’ CMS functions and create a long-term strategy for managing foreign language sites. This ensures that all existing and future content benefits from the same rigorous translation and localisation process for added consistency.

Our service also prepares your online content for superb rankings with all the major search engines, using Search Engine Optimisation based on the specific keywords of your target audience. Crucially, this advanced online localisation technique takes account of the fact that a direct word-for-word translation isn’t necessarily the most effective, since different nationalities often respond to very particular words and phrases.

Lastly, our work is always rigorously tested on a platform in the native language, then tweaked and perfected to deliver the best possible results. We’ll also use a dedicated account manager to see your project through from start to finish, delivering unbeatable results in almost any language, on time and on budget.

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