Food and Drink Document Translations

We provide powerful, profitable translations for the food and drink industry through our network of specialist linguists with sector expertise.

Globalisation affects every aspect of the food and drink industry, from raw material suppliers to manufacturers and retailers. Overseas success therefore demands a translation partner with deep expertise and adaptability, which, with over 35 years’ experience behind us, is exactly what The Translation People can offer. From global manufacturers with factories across the world to local producers looking to export their products for the first time, we meet the collective nature of the sector with our broad industry experience.

Whether for a new marketing campaign, social media content or labelling, we have been delivering powerful, profitable translations to the industry’s best-loved brands for over 35 years now. Our exacting quality standards ensure it will be a sector specialist working on your food and drink translation project, and our confidential, efficient, and all-encompassing approach to projects never fails to deliver integrity, accuracy, and impact.

Why trust us with your Food & Drink Translations?

Specialist linguists

We value the clarity and detail that come from working with translators experienced in the sector. Above and beyond this, our linguists have an innate passion for the food and beverage sector, giving them the unique ability to combine linguistic expertise with an awareness of international regulations, industry innovations, and sector vernacular. This elevates the quality of their work, guaranteeing translations which are relevant, compliant, engaging, and a credit to your brand.

Sector expertise

We are proud to count food and beverage companies amongst our most regular, loyal clients. From local artisanal companies through to household names, your food and drink translation projects will benefit from the deep knowledge, adaptability, and insight we have accumulated over four decades in the industry, creating consistently appealing translations that entice consumers.

Flawless project management

Such a diverse, demanding industry produces localisation requirements that differ vastly in scope. Whatever your deadline, budget, or documents, our streamlined project management and technological expertise promise to deliver efficient and economical multilingual projects. Thanks to your dedicated Account Manager, you benefit from a single point of contact handling all your food and drink translation projects, for a smooth, consistent, and integrated approach which lets you focus on your work.


The food and drink industry is big business, which is why we treat your material with utmost privacy, with rigorous quality controls, extensive data protection measures, and all employees bound by confidentiality agreements. You can rest easy with the peace of mind that comes from having a trustworthy translation partner work securely on your material, whether that be a M&A contract, an urgent press release, or a new product launch.

Complete localisation service

Many channels of communication are at play in the success of food and beverage translation, and we have a proven track record of working with them all. Our in-house teams work in artwork packages to deliver fully-formatted documents such as packaging and promotional materials ready for print or distribution, and handle countless file types with precision and care. We have the spoken word covered too, with studio facilities to deliver voiceover and subtitling projects of the highest calibre.


Our Food & Drink Translation Process:

  1. Receive the document: You send us the document/s for translation in a variety of methods, including secure file transfer.
  2. Translation Memory: We analyse the document against our Translation Memory database to see whether there is any previously translated content or repeated phrasing, both of which will be translated automatically saving you time and money.
  3. Translation and review: Our expert translators get to work translating the document/s, with draft translations reviewed for accuracy and suitability.
  4. Quality assurance and delivery: Before delivery, the translation undergoes our strict quality assurance process.


Food & Drink Translation FAQs

What is food and drink translation?

Food and drink translation refers to specialist translation services for the food and drink industry. Rather than general translators, food and drink translation employs specialists with a deep grounding in the industry. Their experience and expertise manifests through high quality, accurate translation that incorporates knowledge of all relevant regulations, innovations, and terminology.

Companies in the food and drink industry – whether they be global giants or local businesses – look to food and drink translation services to broaden the range of potential customers and business partners with whom they can communicate. By enlisting the help of qualified specialists, these new conversations and relationships are assured to be clear and engaging for both sides.

Our team of specialist food and drink translators draws on over three decades of experience to deliver the very best results each time. We have worked with businesses around the world on all manner of projects, and have baked this expertise into our processes to ensure ongoing success.

Why is food and drink translation important?

On a human level, food and drink translation is important because it allows businesses to connect with more potential customers, delivering culinary experiences further afield and bringing down the barriers between us. On a business level, it’s important because it makes it possible for companies to expand their reach and increase their profits. It’s a win win!

In real terms, food and drink translation is important because it allows businesses to ensure compliance with legislation in new markets, to forge relationships with suppliers and other business partners, to communicate effectively with potential customers, and to guide them through their purchase journey from start to finish.

What is an example of food and drink translation?

One instructive example of food and drink translation is an ingredient list on product packaging. Legislation on food packaging is increasingly strict, as a way to ensure that customers have the information they need to make informed, healthy decisions about the food they eat. Because the guidelines vary between regions for the information that must be shown, translating ingredients lists relies on more than just a knowledge of food names in different languages. It relies also on an understanding of the ever-shifting legislation around the subject.

Here are some other examples of food and drink translation to give you an idea of the projects we can undertake:

  • Health and safety information: with allergens present in many foods, consumers need to be kept aware of any potential risks to their health. This is just one aspect of health and safety communication around food, all of which is highly important.
  • Marketing literature: businesses in the food and drink industry need to advertise and promote their products, and doing so with language that not only makes sense to the target audience, but resonates with them, is a key way to generate buy-in.
  • Training material: Food and drink customers must ensure that their employees and agents in different countries are trained to the highest standards, meaning that training courses and e-learning content must be localised into different languages.
  • Annual reports: companies operating in this industry have the same concerns and driving factors as any other: building a customer base and generating revenue. Reporting on activity from multiple regions may require translation of reports and figures.

How much is food and drink translation?

Each of our food and drink translation projects is priced up on a case by case basis, as we know that every project is unique. The services you require, the volume of material that needs translation, the languages you’re targeting, and various other factors will determine the price you pay.

To find out how much your food and drink translation project might cost, get in touch with our team. We’ll review your information and come back to you with a quote.

For future projects, we are proud to pass on savings to our customers that are made possible through the creation and ongoing use of translation memories. These databases collect words and phrases that we have translated for you before, and give our translators a bank of content they can translate automatically at the outset of each new project, saving time and money.

How can we stay compliant with local food and drink regulations?

Staying compliant with regulations requires not only an understanding of the regulations, but the ability to demonstrate compliance. This often requires the collection of records, the creation of reports, and the ability to discuss issues with regulators.

Where your business operates in regions with different languages, this process can be taxing. Enlisting the help of specialist food and drink translators with working knowledge of the industry and its various regulations is a reliable way to reduce the potential headache, and to ensure full compliance can be achieved and demonstrated.

Food & Drink documents we can translate

  • Health and safety information
  • Product packaging
  • Quality procedures
  • Contracts
  • Marketing literature
  • Annual reports
  • Machinery manuals
  • Safety instruction videos
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Websites
  • Recipes
  • e-Learning courseware
  • Ingredients lists
  • Point of Sale content

Our Recent Projects

We’re a trusted translation provider for many leading global brands as well as smaller businesses.

  • Translation of 30,000 words into 16 languages for patients on how to improve health, fitness and reduce obesity.
  • Translation of User Manuals and Engineer's Notes into 14 languages for an engineering company.
  • Translation & subtitling of internal communications in 5 languages for a client in the food & drink sector.
  • Software Translations for an online payment system into over 50 languages.

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