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Language focus | 04.03.2014

Terminology Management

The ability to manage terminology in any language is crucial to maintaining brand value in the different markets in which you operate. So what are the best practices for achieving this goal? We firstly need to define terminology management: terminology is essentially a word or a short phrase that defines a concept.  The management of…

Language focus | 19.03.2013

The End of Interpreters? (I don’t think so!)

Whilst flicking through articles on the BBC News website, my eyes fell upon the rather bold (in my opinion) title of this article: “Phone call translator app to be offered by NTT Docomo”. I’m sure that anyone working in the translation industry would have been equally as intrigued by this…is the app in question really…

News | 26.06.2012

Childlike learning could lead to technical translation of the future

Last week we looked at a University of Houston approach to professional translation between sign language and spoken words; this week we look at how technical translation could, in future, be carried out by robots that have learned language in an organic way. The University of Hertfordshire is working with a childlike robot dubbed the…

News | 22.06.2012

Houston breakthrough heralds new age of professional translation for sign language

Professional translation services typically concern the mother tongues of major world economies – English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, to name just a few. However, a new kind of professional translation could soon be possible thanks to an electronic breakthrough developed in Houston. While MyVoice may sound like a NASA innovation, it was actually designed…

News | 21.06.2012

Professional translation services see growing demand

Professional translation services are growing in demand, in response to the wider availability of automated translation technologies, according to a new research report. The global market study of outsourced translation and interpreting services by Common Sense Advisory explains that automated translations have done nothing to slow demand for professional translation services. Instead, the wider awareness…

News | 08.10.2010

Poetic Machine Translation by Google

Software engineers at Google have been delving into the world of automatic poetry translation. A paper entitled “Poetic” Statistical Machine Translation: Rhyme and Meter will be presented at the upcoming EMNLP (Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing) conference and shall address the progress made to date, the difficulties encountered and also discuss the necessary considerations…

Language focus | 21.09.2010

Engkoo – Microsoft’s Chinese-English translation and language learning software

Engkoo is Microsoft’s web-based language learning and machine translation service. Launched in 2009, it is a free resource aimed at helping Mandarin Chinese speakers to learn English. It also doubles up as a translation tool with a range of features including a Chinese / English dictionary; downloadable audio and video files; bilingual Chinese-English text comparison;…

Translation Industry News | 01.09.2010

Stuck for words? Try Linguee, the new online translation tool

A new multilingual online ‘dictionary’ called Linguee was launched in September 2010. Unlike automatic translators such as GoogleTranslate, Linguee offers contextual translations by bringing the all important human element into the translation process and citing the website and the source of the translated text. Touted as a translation ‘web crawler’ rather than an automatic translator,…

Translation technology | 12.04.2010

US survey highlights the perils of machine translation for medicine labelling

What automatic machine translation makes up for in productivity, it certainly loses in accuracy. This may be a valid compromise when conversing with a friend over the Internet, but unacceptable in the medical sector where mistranslations could prove to be fatal. The National Post reports that in 2009, a law came into effect in the…

Translation Industry News | 01.04.2010

It’s not just a dog’s life!

Last month we saw how bowlingual is allowing human’s to communicate with man’s best friend, the dog. Today Google have gone one step further and have created an Android application –Translate for Animals. So far the app, which will only be available on Android 1.6 handsets and above can translate noises made by cats, dogs,…

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