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Remote Interpreting: Zoom vs Remote Interpreter from The Translation People

Remote interpreting

The demand for remote interpreting software has increased by more than 200% since March of this year, according to translation thinktank Common Sense Advisory. Businesses have had to find solutions to the problem of having discussions, conferences and meetings in different languages during the travel restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are a number of different tools available to manage this challenge. Zoom is a relatively inexpensive and popular option that is often requested, however there is a growing number of dedicated interpreting platforms on the market, including our own Remote Interpreter platform. Many companies are unsure which tool is suitable for their particular requirement; when is it better to use Zoom and when is a dedicated remote interpreting platform such as the Translation People’s own Remote Interpreter appropriate?

The table below shows the benefits of each solution and to which situations we believe they are most suited. In short, Zoom is appropriate for smaller, more informal meetings, while the Remote Interpreter platform is best-suited for larger events, such as global conferences.

Whichever option is chosen, these tools offer certain benefits compared to face-to-face interpreting, namely the lack of travel and accommodation required (and the corresponding costs) – for delegates and translators alike.

Zoom Remote Interpreter
Scenario Informal meetings on a smaller scale with discussions between all participants Large events or conferences with moderators and speakers
Interpreter Trained, professional simultaneous interpreters Trained, professional simultaneous interpreters
Interpreter booths 1-2 interpreters per virtual booth, maximum 9 booths (i.e. 9 language combinations) 1-2 interpreters per booth, unlimited number of booths
Languages Users can select booths to cover English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean. All languages covered
Interpreting functions Relay interpreting (one interpreter translating for the other interpreters to then translate into their language) is not possible. Interpreters use chat for handovers. Interpreters cannot hear each other Relay interpreting is possible. Handover button in the virtual cabin. Interpreters are connected to each other through chat and can hear each other. Can inform the speaker at the touch of a button if the speaker speaks too quickly


Chat Only in the main event language Multilingual chat available thanks to real-time machine translation
Active involvement of the participants Can participate in the conversation Participants only listen. Only designated speakers can speak
Recordings Only in the main meeting language Conference can be recorded in the main meeting language and interpreted languages
Video All participants can see each other Only the presenter is visible
Presentation Slides of the presentation can only be displayed in the main event language Translated versions of the slides can be uploaded so that participants automatically see the slides in the selected language
Technical support  Not available Technician is present during the event and helps participants in case of technical problems, e.g. difficulties with audio or video
Software / hardware requirements Zoom software must be installed. Interpreter function only available in the paid Pro version. Good Internet connection and headphones with microphone Browser-based, therefore no software installation necessary. Good Internet connection and headphones with microphone
Costs Admin fee plus interpreter costs. Generally a more cost effective version. Platform fees plus interpreter costs. A premium cost option.
Organisation and planning of the event Minimal organisation necessary. Meeting only needs to be created and the link sent to the participants All participants need a login, which is prepared in advance. Moderator and speakers receive training in advance on the functions of the platform.
Security According to media reports, Zoom has had difficulty guaranteeing the security of its meetings Dedicated, private servers with high security. Unwelcome participants can be blocked
Advantages Cost-efficient solution for smaller meetings, easy set-up. Up to 1500 participants. Unlimited booths and languages. Multilingual recordings and presentations. Better working conditions for interpreters. Can be integrated with on-site events



With experience of managing a variety of different situations and in a number of platforms, The Translation People can offer advice on the best possible option for your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

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