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10 benefits a translation agency can bring to your business

There are two tipping points that might lead you to consider working with a translation agency. One: you want to expand to new regions and need help creating communications in the relevant languages; or, two: your in-house or existing translation support is at full capacity.

If either of these describes your current situation, you’re probably curious about the benefits a translation agency can offer. In this blog post we’ve rounded up 10 ways we’ve delivered value to our clients in the four decades we’ve been in business. After reading, you’ll have a better idea of how your business can benefit from working with a translation agency.

1. Quick content creation and publication

Marketing strategies that cover multiple regions rely on the creation of content in multiple languages to function, and this can lead to a significant workload. A translation agency is perfectly positioned to support with this workload, and to help with the smooth delivery of the required content.

Regardless of how many languages your content strategies include, an aligned translation program will ensure that content pieces in different languages are ready for publication simultaneously. This allows your business to achieve frequent and consistent publication, which translates to a smoother brand experience.

2. Seamless integration with your operations

With translation, one size doesn’t fit all. Part of our offering is to identify the specific requirements of each client, and to align our services accordingly. By offering these bespoke services we can remove inefficiencies or unnecessary parts from the translation process, leading to a more streamlined process.

Taking our client GreenFlex, for example: a dedicated team of our translators work directly within the client’s online platform, allowing us to bypass the preparation and integration phases for projects, and leading to quicker translation and content publication. We strive to provide this level of service for all clients to ensure smooth internal processes and consistent expectations.

3.  A relationship that grows stronger over time

Another aspect of this operational integration is an increasingly detailed translation memory, as translators become more familiar with a client, their communication style, intricacies of their operation and the industry, and so on. The longer this relationship exists, the greater the level of technical nuance and brand voice it is possible to infuse into each translation.

Working with translators on an ad hoc basis may seem like an easier option in the short term, but this type of relationship doesn’t allow the same type of foundations to be laid and built upon. Working with an agency can lead to lower costs in the long term, as less time is required for familiarisation on subsequent projects, and previously translated content can be reused.

4. Specialisation and accurate information

Our translators have expertise in the industries they translate for, meaning their translations are underpinned by relevant experience and deep understanding. This ensures information is accurate and well-tailored to the target audience in a way that may not be possible with a less experienced translator. This level of understanding also means translators can more quickly grasp the intricacies of your products or services, within the wider context of the sector you operate within.

Take Augusto, for example, one of our financial translation experts whose background includes a degree in economics.

5. A guarantee of quality

As an agency, our reputation is built on the quality projects we deliver. It’s in our best interest to ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained throughout every project, and we have strict quality control processes in place to monitor this on an ongoing basis.

Working with an agency with demonstrable expertise and a suite of industry-leading clients gives you a level of peace of mind that may be harder to achieve with less experienced alternatives.

6. Frees up internal resource

Hiring, training and retaining an in-house translation team places a lot of demand on internal resources, both in terms of time and money. By working with an agency your business can outsource these considerations, freeing up internal resources for other projects whilst still having access to high-quality translations. Even with internal translators, if there is a spike in translation requirements or a translation required in a non-standard language, the internal team might not be able to cope. whereas a translation agency can easily scale up because we have multiple translators on our books.

We can manage all aspects of the translation process, from project management to delivery, while giving you a point of contact where concerns can be raised and addressed. Taken together, these factors let the decision-makers in your organisation focus their efforts to other priority areas.

7. Provides a clear and consistent channel of communication

The point of contact mentioned in the previous section is a benefit of working with a translation agency that can easily be overlooked, but which deserves special attention. Having someone on standby that you can email or call with queries – whatever they are – ensures that your organisation has clear and ongoing visibility on work taking place. It also means that any issues that may arise can be addressed as and when they arise, rather than later or never.

We see the value in this ongoing communication, as it lets us build a stronger client relationship and to adapt our work accordingly. It also gives you the confidence and assurance that your translation projects are getting the care and attention they deserve.

8. Facilitates global expansion

If you’re in a position to consider expanding into new regions, a translation agency can help you to communicate effectively with your prospective audience in these regions. There’s the obvious need to translate communication into local languages, but doing this in a way that retains nuance while also aligning with cultural expectations is made much easier with the involvement of experienced specialists.

Whether it’s a website or a software platform, localisation is a sensitive process with the potential to unlock massive benefits. Getting this communication right the first time facilitates a more seamless expansion, and working with an agency whose efforts have been instrumental in helping other businesses to achieve this expansion is a way to leverage this expertise.

9. Increases engagement rates

Communicating with users in their local language, whether online or offline, will lead to greater engagement. And while the initial outlay may be higher when working with a translation agency, the potential ROI is far greater, too.

It’s no secret that Google uses metrics like time on page, bounce rate, and so on to determine which content to rank in its results pages. It’s no secret either that people are more likely to spend time with content they can not only read and understand, but connect and engage with. As your users engage more deeply with your content, search engines will take notice of this and the cycle will continue.

These improvements in engagement are, quite simply, far harder to achieve if you rely on automated or other low-quality translations which, while they might look accurate on the surface, do not communicate with users on the required level.

10. Equips customers with accurate information

While accuracy is a crucial component of any translation work, businesses in sectors with safety-critical information must have complete assurance that their customers will be presented with information that keeps them safe. By drawing on their embedded expertise, a translation agency is well placed to achieve this high standard of translation.

One of our clients is a good example of this. GAMA Healthcare, a global developer and manufacturer of infection control products, has a strong requirement for accurate and consistent translation across their entire range. We helped them to accurately translate this safety-critical information, and to present it in a format that’s accessible to everyone, whatever language they speak.

If you operate in a sector where this level of precision is required, a translation agency with specialist expertise on hand is the most reliable way to achieve it.

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These ten benefits are just a small handful of the ways a translation agency can help your business. The points in this article are general, but the real value we deliver to organisations comes from the bespoke, tailored solutions made possible through the creation of an enduring professional relationship.

To get this conversation started, get in touch with our team. We’d love to understand your requirements and objectives, and to help put together a project plan tailored to the intricacies of your business, its offering, and the sector you operate within.

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