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Accurate and Efficient Translations allows world-leading manufacturer to develop international growth

GAMA Healthcare is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of infection control products for the healthcare sector. Founded in 2004, the company has grown exponentially year on year and currently employs over 100 professionals across its 6 offices which span 3 continents. Their products are used in every NHS hospital in the UK and their ever-expanding brand ranges are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

In October 2016, GAMA Healthcare began their partnership with The Translation People.

The Challenge

Having tried various translation agencies in the past, GAMA Healthcare had experienced difficulties in finding a partner able to deliver their translations on time, to budget and to a sufficiently high standard. They required multiple languages to be completed and delivered quickly and found that poor agency responses were holding back their international ambitions.

As a global company, GAMA Healthcare understands the value of communicating clearly with new markets, and the importance of accurate and consistent translations, especially in the healthcare sector where safety-critical information must be clear and accessible to everyone, whatever language they speak. They had dedicated themselves to seeking out the best global partners to assist in manufacturing their products, so in order to continue their global expansion and maximise their international sales, GAMA Healthcare decided they equally needed to seek out the best global language services partner. They needed a company who they could rely on to understand their business and deliver consistently high-quality translations

The Solution

The Translation People assigned a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all translations for GAMA Healthcare. After assessing the company’s requirements, the Account Manager assembled a team of their most experienced professional translators specialising in the medical/ healthcare industry. The team is always ready to start working as soon as a request is received from GAMA, so as to ensure timely and accurate delivery of all languages.

As well as having an initial call to understand their global requirements, The Translation People Account Manager communicates directly with the GAMA Healthcare stakeholders to understand their project-specific needs. This information is then relayed to the translators, ensuring that the team fully comprehends the client’s expectations. Project debrief calls are also undertaken with the client and translators after project completion to discuss feedback on the translations.

Consistency is crucial when it comes to translating things like labelling, safety data sheets and Instructions for Use (IFU). The Translation People uses Translation Memory software on every project, allowing all completed translations to be stored in bilingual databases and then reused where applicable on future assignments. In addition, companyspecific terminology is stored in translation glossaries, called Termbases, ensuring technical language is consistent and accurate. This approach not only ensures excellent quality and consistency across various languages, but it has also allowed GAMA Healthcare to make cost savings over time due to the discounts offered for previously translated content.


The Result

Over the last 18 months The Translation People has delivered translations into a wide range of languages for GAMA Healthcare including Dutch, Latin American Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hungarian, German, Italian, Serbian, Greek, and Russian- ensuring they can successfully engage customers across the globe.

As well as technical and health and safety-oriented content, GAMA Healthcare has also bolstered its international marketing efforts by having trade exhibition information, PowerPoint sales presentations and export brochures translated into a variety of languages. This has allowed their message to be heard and clearly understood around the world.

The positive effects of these efforts are already clear. In 2017 GAMA Healthcare made its debut entry at number 98 in the Sunday Times International Track 200, the league table of Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales. Over the course of the previous two years, the company watched their international sales grow by a staggering 41.91%.

The Translation People’s understanding of GAMA Healthcare’s requirements and expectations continues to go from strength to strength. Delivery of top quality translations at short notice is commonplace, and most recently a strict deadline for a business-critical Arabic translation was met within 1 working day.

The Translation People continually delivers quality that can be relied on to help GAMA Healthcare continue to break into new markets and remain at the forefront of infection control innovation, both in the UK and on a global scale.

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