E-Learning Translation Services

For efficient effective training, e-learning translations need to be clear, concise, and quick –  The Translation People provide just that.

Thanks to the flexibility and effectiveness of its products, the e-learning industry has planted itself firmly atop the to-do list for any business wanting to reduce training costs, improve knowledge retention rates, and increase revenue. International organisations in both commercial and educational sectors call on our expert e-learning translation services, comprising voiceover, subtitling and software editing to ensure users are up-to-speed with company and industry standards.

Across sectors and languages, we draw on our extensive experience, professional linguists, technical prowess, and broad localisation capabilities to deliver comprehensive multilingual training support which guarantees successful skills transfer and encourages employee engagement.

Broad sector expertise

E-Learning translation projects span a vast array of sectors, and we have an equally comprehensive portfolio of specialist linguists to ensure your materials remain accurate, on-brand, and above all informative. We work with clients from sectors including IT, healthcare, legal, aerospace, and automotive, and we are as confident handling UIs, text strings, online help and graphics as we are audio files, course documentation and a host of other specialist file types.


Producing clear, compelling translations has earned us our unbeatable reputation, and we implement numerous controls including rigorous Quality Assurance checks to ensure our e-learning translation services meet our unrivalled quality standards. Assigning projects to skilled linguists with sector experience guarantees lucid translations which users can truly understand – optimising usability, increasing efficiency, and reducing support costs.

Full localisation support

You may need Desktop Publishing services to reformat a translated training guide or to localise software to complement your e-learning translation. Whatever your requirements, we offer end-to-end project management across various e-learning platforms and file types. We are famed for our diverse skillset and dynamic, cooperative approach to everything that we do, and are always open to working in new ways as the industry continues to evolve.

Cloud-based project management

Our efficient Account Managers never miss a beat, so there will be no unexpected errors or delays in the roll out of your translated e-learning material. Not only this, but our cloud-based project management portal has been specifically designed for such fast-paced industries, streamlining workflows to reduce turnaround times.


We recognise that your time is valuable, which is why for many clients we take on the task of pre-launch testing. Our in-house team perform rigorous functional and linguistic checks before your e-learning translation is released, overcoming challenges such as line breaks, hyphenation, and text resizing so that all user-facing content is concise, correct, and conducive to learning – just one more way of elevating your work to a higher standard.

Subtitling and voiceover capabilities

Bring a human touch to your training material with our professional, native voiceover artists who lend unmistakable authenticity to your e-learning project, and ensure utmost clarity by enlisting the support of our subtitling team. With our modern studio space and meticulous sound engineers, your multimedia output is guaranteed to break down linguistic and cultural barriers to carry your message clearly.

Projects handled

Policy documents

Online courseware

Codes of conduct

Training packs


Induction programmes

Software systems and interfaces

Presentation slides and notes

Legal compliance

Corporate Social Responsibility documentation

Video voiceover and subtitling

Our Recent Projects

We’re a trusted translation provider for many leading global brands as well as smaller businesses.

  • Translation of 30,000 words into 16 languages for patients on how to improve health, fitness and reduce obesity.
  • Translation of User Manuals and Engineer's Notes into 14 languages for an engineering company.
  • Translation & subtitling of internal communications in 5 languages for a client in the food & drink sector.
  • Software Translations for an online payment system into over 50 languages.

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