Travel and Tourism Translation Services

A trusted travel and tourism translation services partner can help you reach clients and partners around the world, whatever language they speak.

With global travel at an all-time peak, travel and tourism translation services are becoming an integral part of this fast-paced industry. Hotels, travel agents, flight operators and car rental services need to ensure that their customers’ experiences are highly personalised, which includes producing compelling content in their native language. The Translation People provides professional travel and tourism translations, website translation and transcreation services to enable businesses to communicate effectively with their customers, wherever they are in the world and whatever language they speak.

Whether you need translation services to translate a website, an app, an online brochure or communicate via social media, our professional translators are at hand to help you produce travel and tourism translations worthy of your brand. Combining an experienced Account Management team and more than 4000 expert translators working in over 250 language combinations, we can process urgent and large projects quickly and efficiently. And with our ability to manage content in a variety of formats, we are uniquely placed to help the travel and tourism industry’s growing requirements for multilingual content.

Translation of digital content

Digital content is everywhere and needs forward-thinking, technology-based processes to ensure that travel and tourism translation services are processed quickly and efficiently to meet the stringent demands of businesses. We use cutting-edge translation technology to ensure that you receive high-quality translations quickly so you can get them to market without delay.

Translation Quality

With over 40 years providing travel and tourism translation services, we have built up the expertise to ensure that your translations are of the highest quality and represent your brand in the best possible light. Native speaking translators who are experts in their field will produce translations which enhance customer loyalty and drive sales.

Response Times

Global businesses need translation services that enable them to manage rapidly changing situations, from responding to customers on social media to updating website copy with new products or product features. Time is money and a poorly managed translation process can lead to costly delays in customer experience and product launches. Our technology-based solutions, coupled with a worldwide network of translators, will ensure you are always able to obtain translation services to cover any scenario.

Account Management

We understand the importance of having someone at the other ed of the phone to answer queries or discuss an urgent project. That’s why you will have an experienced Account Manager on-hand to discuss any aspect of your translation project that is needed. Our Account Managers have a deep understanding of the translation industry and will share translation best practice with you to help you make the most of your translation budget.

Projects handled

  • Website translation
  • Video translations
  • Brochures
  • Social Media
  • Email campaigns
  • Software translations
  • Contracts
  • Training materials

Our Recent Projects

We’re a trusted translation provider for many leading global brands as well as smaller businesses.

  • Translation of 30,000 words into 16 languages for patients on how to improve health, fitness and reduce obesity.
  • Translation of User Manuals and Engineer's Notes into 14 languages for an engineering company.
  • Translation & subtitling of internal communications in 5 languages for a client in the food & drink sector.
  • Software Translations for an online payment system into over 50 languages.
  • Graphic - translation
    Document translation lies at the very heart of what we do, whether you need the translation of a contract to finalise a deal overseas...
  • Graphic - Voiceover & Subtitling
    Voiceover & Subtitling
    For quality, trusted, professional voiceover and subtitling services which promise results, contact The Translation People.
  • Graphic - Software Localisation
    Software Localisation
    Our professional translators and engineering team deliver end-to-end software localisation with accuracy, speed, and quality.
  • Graphic - Multilingual DTP
    Multilingual DTP
    Our in-house multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) team handles a variety of file types, applying linguistic skill and technical precision to...

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