Services | 19.10.2010

Conform to Type – the Battle of the Faces

Font conference
The world of typefaces can be a tough one. Deciding which font to use requires careful consideration, as the wrong typeface could send the wrong signals about your document. For example, a legal document requires a formal or neutral typeface, whereas a job advert from a new media consultancy should be more modern.

The Translation People will always give expert advice on the subject of typefaces, particularly when your project requires DTP in languages using non-Latin scripts. Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Russian, to name but a few, all use characters not contained in the Latin alphabet, and it is therefore vital that a typeface is chosen which matches the English as closely as possible.

Feel free to contact us for more information on typefaces; we are happy to advise you and will also send you samples of different fonts to suit your requirements.

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