Language focus

Language focus | 29.09.2015

Why translating out of English matters

With International Translation Day on our doorstep, we ask the question: do English-speaking businesses really need to translate out of English? Wouldn’t it be great if the world was one homogeneous mass speaking the same language? You’d never have to worry about language limiting who you could meet, what you could read or who you…

Why translating out of English matters

Language focus | 30.04.2015

How a Language Service Provider (LSP) can help you have a successful trade show experience

If you’re attending a trade show this year as an exhibitor you may be concerned about how to best communicate what your company and products can do for a client from a different country. You can find our recommendations below on how a Language Service Provider (LSP) can help you to have a successful trade show…

Company news | 25.09.2014

Aston University Students Presented with Translation Awards

    This year The Translation People awarded two outstanding students at Aston University in Birmingham with well-deserved prizes in translation. In July, Annie Shead was presented the trophy celebrating her exceptional “Achievement in Translation” acknowledging her hard work in her studies towards a Bachelors of Arts at Aston University. Furthermore, back in April, the…

Aston University Students Presented with Translation Awards

Language focus | 16.09.2014

Getting Technical Translations Right

Ensuring accuracy in technical translations is one of the most important issues facing buyers of translation services today. With the multitude of free translation tools available and agencies based all over the world offering vastly different levels of quality and service, many companies requiring translation services are confused as to the best method of approaching…

Getting Technical Translations Right

Language focus | 04.03.2014

Terminology Management

The ability to manage terminology in any language is crucial to maintaining brand value in the different markets in which you operate. So what are the best practices for achieving this goal? We firstly need to define terminology management: terminology is essentially a word or a short phrase that defines a concept.  The management of…

Language focus | 17.10.2013

Compulsory languages in primary schools 2014

Only a few months ago we discussed how South African schools where implementing a compulsory third language, now primary schools in the UK are following suit – with a second language. It is often remarked that English schools do not put enough emphasis on languages, particularly at the early stages. The Labour government tried to…

Language focus | 02.07.2013

Languages Careers Fair at The University of Manchester

On Friday 7th June, Alan White, The Translation People’s Business Development Manager, gave a presentation to students at the Languages Careers Fair of The University of Manchester on how to succeed as a translator (both working in-house in agencies and on a freelance basis). The Translation People is acutely aware of the importance of taking…

Language focus | 14.06.2013

Language on high

It has long been understood that environment can have an effect on the vocabulary of a language, the most simplistic example being a language evolving in a landlocked environment having little use for words describing tides. However, a new study published in the June 12 edition of PLOS ONE shows that the conditions in which…

Language focus | 14.06.2013

Third language in South African schools

On the continent of Africa there are more than two thousand spoken languages and perhaps as many as three thousand, which form several distinct groups (not counting English or Afrikaans). This means there is a great need for multilingualism to allow inter-ethnic communication, even on the national level (there are hundreds of languages spoken natively…

Language focus | 19.03.2013

The End of Interpreters? (I don’t think so!)

Whilst flicking through articles on the BBC News website, my eyes fell upon the rather bold (in my opinion) title of this article: “Phone call translator app to be offered by NTT Docomo”. I’m sure that anyone working in the translation industry would have been equally as intrigued by this…is the app in question really…

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