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Translation Industry News | 30.09.2012

Translation of the Bible into Doric

More news from the area of Bible translations: After a year-long effort a Scotsman has now completed his translation of the New Testament into Doric. Gordon Hay, the translator, is financing the publication himself. Hay used a Doric dictionary, which did not contain all the terms he needed. In some instances, he had to use…

Translation Industry News | 11.09.2012

“Actualisation” keeps translation companies on their toes

The process of “actualisation” is one translation companies need to be aware of, particularly when working with more conversational texts where slang and informal turns of phrase are used. It’s important, during document translation, to ensure that not only the meaning of the text is conveyed, but that its spirit is preserved in the target…

News | 08.08.2012

New Bible translation in script format

“The Voice” is a new Bible translation from Classical Greek and Hebrew into American English. However, it is not a traditional translation, in that it reads like a film script. Behind this project is a team of translators who worked closely with poets, writers and musicians. To clarify this new concept, let us take a…

Translation Industry News | 01.08.2012

Study highlights range of colour choices open to translation services

You might expect that the word for a particular colour would be one of the easiest challenges for providers of translation services to overcome. However, a joint English-Italian study carried out at Liverpool Hope University and Sassari University in Italy, as part of their participation in the Erasmus Exchange Agreement, shows how different languages can…

Language focus | 23.07.2012

The Olympic Games and Languages

With so much in the news about London 2012, it interested us from a language service provider’s point of view to find out what role languages play in the Olympics games. And interesting it is: With 205 countries sending athletes to London this week to compete in the games, you could be forgiven for thinking…

Language focus | 10.07.2012

Professional translation services 'must interpret the message'

Professional translation services must interpret the message – and not just the words – of the speaker, according to a University of Nottingham team. Dr Xiaohui Yuan of the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies is among them, and is leading the Translating Cultures in International Mediation project to help identify what is important…

News | 21.06.2012

Professional translation services see growing demand

Professional translation services are growing in demand, in response to the wider availability of automated translation technologies, according to a new research report. The global market study of outsourced translation and interpreting services by Common Sense Advisory explains that automated translations have done nothing to slow demand for professional translation services. Instead, the wider awareness…

Language focus | 30.09.2010

International Translation Day 2010

Languages are certainly in the air this month! First there was the European Day of Languages, and on Thursday, it’s International Translation Day. The Translation People take a look at some of the events organised to celebrate the industry we all feel so passionately about. The patron saint of translators is St Jerome, who is…

Language focus | 25.09.2010

European Day of Languages

The European Commission and the Council of Europe have designated September 26 as the European Day of Languages (EDL). The Translation People take a look at the origins of this exciting linguistic event, and cast an eye over the activities on offer. EDL’s objectives are to raise the profile of language learning, promote the use…

Language focus | 16.09.2010

London’s first French language radio station going live in November 2010

FRL (French Radio London) is an exciting new radio station due to go on air in early November 2010. Aimed at listeners from London’s ‘Francophone and Francophile communities’, 80% of its playlist will be dedicated to French music and artists – all delivered by a team of London-based French presenters and contributing journalists from France…

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