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Language focus | 12.07.2009

Welsh language welcomed by European Commission

A deal has been made by the UK’s representative to the EU, Sir Kim Darroch, which will now allow people to write to the Commission in Welsh. There are 23 official languages of the EU and Welsh is not among them, yet similar arrangements have been made with the Council of Ministers and the Committee…

Translation Industry News | 09.07.2009

ConveyThis: a simple translation tool

Machine translation has a number of drawbacks due to the complexity of language and the cultural differences between speakers of different languages. The art of translation is never as simple as replacing a word with another one from a different language. Nevertheless, for fairly simple translations, phrasebook type software can be of use. As long…

Employees | 07.07.2009

The advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance translator

Karen Rennie, our in-house German to English translator, compares the advantages and disadvantages of translating as a freelancer. Working freelance can sound like a great idea and has some major benefits. While taking part in a recent ITI event in Perth, Scotland, Karen discussed freelancing with the attending translators. Freelancing requires a lot of discipline…

Translation Industry News | 04.07.2009

Google’s Persian translation tool proves no substitute for professional translation services.

Google have recently added Persian to the list of languages covered by Google Translate, allowing the user to translate documents from English to Persian and from Persian to English via this online tool. However, these translations are machine produced and therefore the quality of translation is much lower than a human translation. A machine will…

Services | 02.07.2009

Government in Seoul approves translation of films

Translations of two long animated films as well as 10 short animated films will be available outside South Korea this year after the government approved a proposal to have them translated into other languages.The Seoul Metropolitan Government has agreed to this in a bid to increase the exposure of these films abroad. This move should…

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