News | 04.02.2010

Chinese Interpreter required for English speaking Panda!

pandaLast week we learnt how an animal sanctuary in Manchester struggled to communicate with a Polish speaking dog, this week a female Panda is set to have similar communication issues as she is moved abroad.

Mei Lan, a US born Panda is set to travel to China from her current home in Zoo Atlanta in the USA. The panda, born in North America, has become used to English commands and will need some Chinese language lessons on arrival in her new home. However, her current animal keeper had anticipated that Mei Lan would eventually be moved back to China at the end of her 10 year loan from the Chengdu Panda Breediing Centre, and has taught her furry friend a number of hand signals alongside the usual verbal commands. Huang Xiangming, director of the breeding centre in China, is aware of the language issues Mei Lan may face and plans to teach her phrases to indicate that she should move in or out of her dormitory.

This story just goes to show how important communication is, and the integral part which language plays when communicating with others regardless of your species.

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