Translation Industry News | 13.09.2010

Russia holds its first International Congress of Translators

Moscow hosted Russia’s first International Congress of Translators at the beginning of September 2010, which took place at the heart of the Moscow International Book Fair. Topics included ‘untranslatable texts’, common translation issues, improving the public’s view of translators, and the establishment of the country’s first ‘Translators’ House’.

In an article in The Telegraph, Ekaterina Genieva (Director of the Russian State Library of Foreign Literature and the organizer of the event) discusses this inaugural event. She states how cultural transposition is an important issue for translators and hence its inclusion in the programme. Contemporary authors provided readings of their works, and then had the opportunity to find out how their work had been translated – both culturally and linguistically. This was sure to be a lively and interesting discussion, as in attendance were translators from over 25 countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, in an effort to offer encouragement in a somewhat tough industry, there was also a prize awarded to young translators.

In The Voice of Russia, it was described how the proposed new translation institution aimed to support, promote and regulate the Russian translation and interpreting sector. Not only will it provide professional guidance for linguists, it will also be the ideal environment for professional translators to meet with colleagues and network at industry events.

‘There must be a system for the preparation of Slavists who will be able to choose, read, translate and present new works’* says Ekaterina Genieva, who continues in her work to establish the much anticipated translation institute, and to make positive changes to the Russian translation industry.

*The Telegraph: Russian literature, the challenge of translating classic books (08.09.10)

Sources: The Telegraph, The Voice of Russia

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