News | 12.02.2019

Why video translation is crucial for global brands

In recent years, video has been widely dubbed as the future of content marketing. And with current forecasts suggesting that it will account for 79% of all global Internet traffic by 2020, it’s safe to say that the future is now, which makes video translation a key consideration for brands operating internationally.

The consumer appetite for quick and easy ways to access and digest information online is certainly showing no signs of stopping. To keep up with this trend, marketing teams around the world now need to be equipped to produce more audiovisual content than ever before, which has led to video translation services becoming increasingly sought-after.

However, despite businesses investing time and money to produce engaging video content which brings ideas, services and products to their customers, this content is still sometimes at the bottom of the to-do list when the time comes for translating marketing collateral.

The desire for audio-visual content is becoming more and more widespread across the globe- a fact that should not be ignored. The reality is that businesses who neglect to translate their videos (even if they’ve gone to the effort of having their written content translated) will struggle to engage discerning overseas consumers.

Need some convincing? Here we take a look at why translating your video content should be a priority.

Video marketing can be even more effective overseas.

The rise in video content isn’t exclusive to English-speaking regions and consumers in many other countries even expect to be informed in this way by reputable brands. Latin America, for example, has the highest demand for video content worldwide. Across the globe, Saudi Arabia is the country with the highest levels of daily online video access. Capitalise on the opportunities on offer overseas by localising your video content and engaging with prospective customers in their own language and through their preferred medium. Your language service provider will be able to identify any regional specificities or cultural differences in your target market and will guide you in providing content that really speaks to the locals.

You’ve already gone to the effort of producing the content, so it makes sense to maximise its value.

If you already have existing video content, why let it go to waste when you’re trying to build your brand globally? If it works well in drawing in English-speaking leads, the chances are that it will be equally well-received in international markets if presented in the local language. According to HubSpot, 85% of businesses now have internal staff and resources to produce videos in-house. Localising your videos by liaising with your translation partner to introduce multilingual subtitling/voiceover will extend the impact of the content you’ve already put your resources into producing, by allowing it to be appreciated by prospects around the world.

The ‘expensive and complicated’ myth is outdated.

Not knowing where to start when it comes to getting multilingual subtitles or voiceovers on your videos is a major stumbling block for many businesses. This, coupled with marketers often having to make a strong business case for any budget increases, may make the process seem like more hassle than it’s worth.

Luckily, professional language service providers exist to help businesses navigate this area of localisation. Many translation companies offer a range of video translation and localisation services and can integrate foreign language subtitles and professionally recorded voiceovers into videos with ease. And as the demand for these services increases, the costs involved are now more competitive than ever before.

Unique Translation Memory technology will allow your provider to discount for repeated or previously translated words and phrases when translating video scripts, meaning you won’t have to pay more than once for any company-specific terminology or any descriptions of products/services that reappear throughout your marketing materials.

Partnering with a language services provider to carry out full website translation, including video translation, is a crucial step if your business wants to expand globally and be taken seriously. Ensuring that everything, from product information and resources, to blogs and explainer videos, are accessible in your target markets’ local languages, will give you the best chance of engaging overseas leads and successfully breaking into new markets.

The Translation People works with all popular video formats, and our audio-visual translation specialists are experts in delivering high-quality multilingual versions of your content, ready to be shared on your preferred marketing channels. Contact The Translation People today for a free consultation and quotation.

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