Language focus | 06.06.2016

Essential football phrases for UEFA Euro 2016

Euro 2016 is due to kick off next week in France and those lucky enough to have a ticket will be flocking to the grounds themselves, whilst others will be watching it in Fanzones or at home on TV.


For those wanting to get into the swing of things and practise a bit of French, we have provided some common football translations in French that you might want to shout during the game. Some of them proved a little challenging to translate from English, including the culturally specific ‘Have it!’, but we think we got the message across! Are there any other football related translations you’d like to know?


What a dive, give him an Oscar! Il mériterait un Oscar pour cette simulation !
My granny could have scored that! Même ma grand-mère aurait pu marquer ce but !
That’s a foul ref! Il y a faute M. l’arbitre !
Come on lino, do you need glasses?         Il a besoin de lunettes l’arbitre de touche ?
Stick it in row Z! Dégage la balle !
Man on! Ça vient !
Blow the whistle ref!      Par pitié, siffle M. l’arbitre !
Oh no, not penalties!     Non ! Pas les tirs au but !
Shoot!  Tire !
Get a tackle in! Mets le pied !
What a save!      Quel arrêt !
That’s a dive ref! Simulation, M. l’arbitre !
Come on ref, give him a card!     Il mérite un carton M. l’arbitre !
That’s a mile offside!      Il y a hors-jeu d’au moins 2 mètres !
That’s never offside!      Il n’y a jamais hors-jeu là !
Come on lads, put a challenge in! Allez les gars, il faut mettre le pied !
That was a game of two halves! Chaque équipe a eu sa période !
Get stuck in!       Gagnez les duels ! 
Have it! Va la chercher !
It’s a contact sport! C’est un sport de contact !
It’s a six-pointer C’est un match à six points
They’re good on paper C’est une bonne équipe sur le papier
He’s in acres of space     Il a plein d’espace pour jouer
Nutmeg Petit pont 
Rabona Coup du foulard
Push out! Montez !



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