Language focus | 26.09.2012

The Translation People is looking forward to the European Day of Languages 2012

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on 26th September, and at The Translation People we are very pleased that a whole day has been dedicated to the linguistic diversity within Europe.

This Wednesday, various events will be held all over Europe for professionals as well as for the general public. Go speak-dating in Prague, watch European films in Cracow, or attend language-learning workshops in Riga! Specific talks on multilingualism and language games for the translators of the future are also on offer. Schools and universities across the country are marking the day with events and seminars, you can get involved too maybe by watching a foreign language film, going for an Italian meal or sampling a few European wines.

The celebratory mood will continue right the way through to International Translation Day on 30th September, so spare a thought for your translation provider and send them flowers or chocolates, just to show them how much you appreciate their services!


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