Universities | 04.04.2012

Jasmin Schneider gives presentation at Aston University

Operations Manager Jasmin Schneider recently gave a presentation at Aston University about employment within the languages industry, and gave students advice on their applications.

Aston University is one of a limited number of universities in the UK offering a course specifically for translation studies. The Translation People have a long standing relationship with the university, sponsoring languages prizes, and promoting careers in translation and interpreting.

The Translation People understand the importance of educating and training young linguists and have taken on many undergrad students as interns in order to aid their understanding and experience of the sector.

As within any sector, it is imperative that those of us already doing business use our experience to aid the education of student linguists, in order to ensure the perpetuation of new and skilled professionals further down the line.

Our Managing Director Steve Wilde commented: “Here at The Translation People we are keen to support and celebrate the achievement of graduates in languages and translation studies. Those going on to a career in translation and interpreting enter our industry at an exciting time. The development and diversity of languages used on the internet and developments in the technology used to support the ever increasing need for translation services throughout the globe mean those entering the industry just now will see a growing evolution in the way our services are delivered!”

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