Company news | 02.09.2011

Globalsight – Translation Management System

Globalsight is a Translation Management System (TMS) that is used by The Translation People and its translators to increase productivity and streamline processes for its clients. This on-line tool, which is highly customisable to different workflows, offers the following features:

  • Documents are submitted via the system rather than by email or ftp
  • Translators can either work within the system or offline
  • Reviewers can be set up to check and edit the translations in the system
  • Final delivery of files is completed through the system
  • Maintenance and Management of Translation Memories

The main benefits of this system (and others like it) are that the translation workflow can be regulated and customised, ensuring optimum productivity. Because of this, Globalsight’s benefits are particularly evident if there are pre-defined steps that must always be followed when a translation project is commissioned. For example, if there is a preferred translator in place for a particular client, then automated email notifications can be set up so that the translator is immediately notified once the project has been submitted by the client. This can be extremely useful if the client is in a different time zone to the translation agency and translator: the agency sets up automatic notifications for the preferred translator, ensuring the translator can start work as quickly as possible by logging into the system as soon as the notification has been received. The agency will also set up a process to automatically prepare the files for translation (for example if they are in a non standard format) and analyse them against the Translation Memory, which is also contained within the system.

The system also enables client reviewers, such as employees, to log onto the system and check the translation in Globalsight’s review facility, without the need for specialist tools or software packages. This is especially useful for translations in non-standard formats which would normally require the software to be installed on the reviewer’s machine. In the same way as outlined above, once the translator has finished his or her work, an automatic email notification is generated for the reviewer, ensuring that there are no delays in progressing to this stage. The system can either be set up so that the reviewer can edit the translation directly or make suggestions for the translator which he or she can then accept or reject. The system then updates the corresponding Translation Memory with the final translation and this is stored within Globalsight. This process ensures that there are no duplicate versions of the translation and the Translation Memory, which will remain in the system to be used on future projects.

Globalsight also offers the possibility of tracking the status of projects and monitoring what stages have been completed, so the client contact who has placed the project can see how the translation is progressing and if any translators/reviewers need a gentle nudge to ensure the deadline is met.

Globalsight is the latest in a wide range of CAT tools available to our team to ensure your project is produced and managed efficiently.

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