Company news | 22.04.2010

Why should you choose The Translation People when you next require translation services?

We understand that time is of the essence, that the highest quality is essential, that the recession has shrunk budgets and that there are hundreds of other translation companies out there who insist they will be the best at fulfilling all your needs. We are no different in that we too deliver the highest quality translation to meet your tight deadlines, we place your project with translators translating exclusively into their mother tongue, who have impeccable attention to detail and have passed our rigorous entry procedure with flying colours.

However and here comes our key differentiating trait, the thing that we believe truly does separate us from the competition: our dedicated Account Management team. We don’t get bogged down with segmenting a project to different teams. A number of our competitors have quotation teams, project management teams, delivery teams, complaint handling teams, sales teams, translator liaison teams to name just a few. While we are all for efficiency and processes, we don’t believe that passing you from pillar to post or losing you in internal bureaucracy will benefit you, your project or us. Should you choose to place your project with The Translation People you will have a direct line to one of our expert Account Managers, this person will provide you with a swift and thorough quotation, clearly detailing costs and turnaround times. That very same Account Manager will discuss your requirements with you, if you choose to go-ahead they will carefully select the most appropriate translators which match your specific project’s needs and then, once translated, the file will be delivered not by a stranger, but by someone who you have spoken to, interacted with, who you have explained your project to, who you have discussed any queries with and who understands your project inside out as he/she hasn’t let it out of their sight!

We operate this way across all four of our UK offices: Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Our recently opened Paris office is also operating in this same way to ensure consistency throughout the company. Our high customer retention rate is testimony that this way works. Our customers come back to us time and time again, they ask to speak to their dedicated Account Manager; their Account Manager is happy to go out to visit them and discusses any new projects with them and makes sure that the same style, glossaries, terms and translators are used on their projects.

The Translation People stand for quality, consistency and dedication. Should you have a specific translation requirement and would like to test how we stand up against the competition, please call us now and have your first conversation with your new Account Manager to be.

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