Company news | 13.04.2010

Our MD Steve Wilde reflects on the challenges of investing in a recession

1G4D0114Investing in improved systems software, opening new offices, taking new staff on and making a commitment to install a robust ISO process are all challenging decisions for a medium sized company. Of course 2009/10 is a period that has certainly made most management teams tread very carefully when making any increased demands on cash.

Our view has been that in order to survive and prosper in a recession you have to be good at what you do and then try even harder. We are proud to serve so many great names and we consider our client retention rate to be a credit to our account management team who take real ownership of all our clients’ projects.

So we have forged ahead in spite of the recession and we know that our investments are already having an effect, borne out by the fact that more new clients have come to us in the last 12 months than ever before.

However with the election looming, all the parties are queuing up to preach to the public on how there are no quick fixes. Hopefully the election result will be decisive and so will our new PM, not starving SME businesses but rather treating us as the fertile ground that will help the UK grow out of recession and continue to make new penetration into global markets. Many British companies who are forging new partnerships in foreign markets are experiencing extraordinary growth as a result of their efforts.

As 2010 progresses we hope that stabilising financial markets, decisive leadership in Number 10, and an improving export market will aid the recovery and give us, as well as many other British companies with business links around the globe, the confidence to make further investments in our businesses during 2010/11.

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