News | 09.02.2010

Moi, je parle fashion, et vous?

London Fashion weekWhether you find a collection shocking or stunning, fashion speaks to everyone and demands a reaction. As the world’s fashion elite descend on our nation’s capital this month for London Fashion Week, knowledge of languages could be as invaluable as a front row seat at the hottest shows.

Even if they cannot conjugate verbs in the imperfect subjunctive, anyone who knows a Cuban heel from a kitten heel will pronounce Dolce and Gabbana with the appropriate ‘ch’. Any dedicated follower of fashion worth their Louboutins knows that while a channel can be switched, a Chanel is something to be coveted for life. The air kiss may be universal in fashion but in a world where models and designers are brought together through aesthetics rather than linguistics, the ability to speak other languages could make an aspiring fashionista invaluable at any show.

Each of the four major Fashion Weeks (New York, London, Milan and Paris) can be said to be a representation of their country as much as a stage for world fashion: Paris is chic and sleek; Milan is vibrant yet elegant while New York has an edgy sophistication and with 79 countries represented at last year’s Spring/Summer event, London has staked its claim for the true fashion capital of the world. There are hundreds of languages spoken in London and each language reflects a culture and style, many of which are given the chance to present themselves to the world and inspire designers at London Fashion Week.

London loves fashion and fashion loves London. From the stalls at Portobello Market to the stores of Bond Street, London has a style for anybody and everybody. Whether you’re looking for prêt-a-porter or haute couture, wherever you come from and whatever language you speak, the place to find it is at London Fashion Week.

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