Translation technology | 07.01.2010

“Live” text or high-res PDFs and outlined eps files? – Solving the mystery.

Most clients who require DTP in Western European languages would prefer The Translation People to use the fonts supplied with the English template and supply back the artwork files with “live” text, and this causes no problems for the DTP operator.

Where issues do occur, however, is when the client needs DTP in Eastern European languages or languages which are written in non-Latin scripts, e.g. Russian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew. More often than not these languages are not supported by fonts matching those used in the original template, and The Translation People are on hand to suggest suitable alternatives if the client has not already done so.

In terms of final output it is important to establish whether the client requires high-resolution PDF files for printing, or the original artwork files with or without linked outline eps files, as this may influence the choice of typeface to be used. If high-resolution PDFs or artwork with linked outlined eps files are required there is generally a wider choice of typefaces available, whereas artwork files with “live” text may cause problems with font licensing: font files are protected by copyright and cannot be freely distributed.

The advantage of high-resolution PDF files or artwork with linked outlined eps files is a wider choice of typefaces, as well as greater stability once the files reach the printing stage. Incorrectly installed non-standard typefaces may cause “live” text to corrupt, but the text in outline eps files or PDF files is treated as immovable objects – or paths – and eliminates the risk of corruption.

The Translation People will always advise the client on the best solution for choice of typeface and final output, based on their requirements.

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