Services | 10.11.2009

Trade Fairs – home or away, the Translation People speak your language perfectly

The allure of a trade fair cannot be denied – it is the place where exhibitors and potential clients all meet under one roof to share their experience, their products and their passion and is the ideal opportunity for both exhibitors and visitors alike to build new professional relationships. Communication is everything in this fast-paced, exciting environment and the ability to convey the right message is a concept which, as a successful translation services provider, we understand perfectly.

Every year, the Translation People attend both national and international trade fairs and not only does this give us an opportunity to spread the word about the services we offer, but it also allows us to visit many of our existing clients who are already exhibiting. We are delighted to report that our attendance at a recent international trade fair in Germany was a phenomenal success and are pleased to welcome many new clients on board.

As an international company, we have a network of contacts throughout the world and our clients range from all areas including the chemical, food and beverage, manufacturing, aerospace, and medical and healthcare sectors. We have built up a team of translators who are experienced, trusted and highly specialised – some of which are even former professionals in the field of their translation expertise.

We offer a wide range of translation services and we also have an in-house DTP team who can ensure that your finished translation looks as impressive as the original language version; our software localisation translators are experts in the differences and nuances in any world language and we can also provide interpreters for the day itself.

If you would like more information about our services, or to arrange a meeting with us at any up and coming trade fairs, please contact us.

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