Company news | 07.10.2009

The Translation People sparks BBC radio debate

The Translation People’s recent ‘business jargon’ research has certainly sparked interest from the media and Managing Director Steve Wilde was asked to appear on a BBC radio show to discuss the topic further.

Having highlighted some comical examples of how British business jargon can be lost in translation (our favourite being the literal translation of ‘Give me a ball park figure’ to ‘Give to me the diagram of the baseball stadium’ in Russian!), Steve was invited to the BBC Radio Manchester studios to take part in its weekly Business programme.

Steve said: “Our translation research sparked a really interesting debate. Our findings chimed with the experience of the other businesspeople on the show, who had their own examples of language and cultural barriers getting in the way of clear communication overseas.

“Like us, they felt that it was vital to keep business language clear and direct when trading overseas, and to seek professional translation services support for all major activity.”

He added: “I really enjoyed the experience of the live debate and hope I was able to provide some useful tips for businesses looking to develop their overseas trade.”


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