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Translation Services for Distilleries

In Scotland the Whisky industry is big business, distilleries are one of the busiest tourist attractions in the country and last year the Whisky Industry brought over a million visitors to Scotland, generating a massive £25 million in revenue. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

So how are distilleries reaching out to tourists and whisky fanatics alike? The Translation People may provide the answer. Over the years we have translated websites, leaflets, brochures and visitor guides into a multitude of languages for many distilleries all over Scotland. This is an excellent way of attracting more foreign visitors and introducing them to Scotland’s National Drink!

Arriving in a country where you don’t speak the language can be daunting, but finding information in your language offering drams of whisky and a little Scottish heritage can only be a welcome thing. The best ‘Welcome to Scotland’ we can think of!

So, how will this benefit the various Scottish distilleries? For starters they get a share of that £25 million pie tourists are bringing to the country every year, not to mention the fact that the Food and Drink industry is worth over £950 million per annum to Scotland. In the current economical climate businesses can’t turn down this kind of business, so publicising your business as a tourist friendly operation can only enhance sales and visits, even in this economic downturn people are still coming to Scotland on holiday and are still spending money!

But it’s not just information for tourists that can be translated. It is just as important to translate essential documents related to whisky production; whether this is export legislation, spirit/whisky evaluations, brand management presentations, press releases or even internal staff documentation. Facilitating communication and ensuring complete understanding by clients, suppliers and employees is an excellent way of improving profitability and efficiency within your company.

Many distilleries have already realised the importance of translation in order to maximise profits and are already benefitting from working with more people through translation and reaping the rewards at the same time.

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