Translation Industry News | 01.08.2009

National Translation Bureau to be created in Pakistan

The Pakistan Academy of Letters is an independent organisation based in Islamabad and is dedicated to promoting Pakistani literature. It has recently announced plans to put together a national translation bureau.The bureau will have a dual function. It will be responsible for translating Pakistani literature into regional and foreign languages in order to expose the works of talented writers to a much wider audience. It will also translate foreign works into Urdu and other languages used within Pakistan.

Fakhar Zaman, chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, said:

“Pakistani literature translated into UNESCO languages will allow foreign readers to understand the diverse cultural heritage and historical background of the country.”

In 1995, books by many prominent Pakistani writers were translated into other languages and sent abroad. “These books are still the identity of Pakistani literature in libraries across the world,” says Zaman, implying that now is the time to address the worldwide opinion of Pakistani writing. By offering new works, he hopes to offer a more contemporary insight into the country and promote cultural understanding.

The academy is aiming to produce a broad range of books and intends to publish them at affordable prices. Professional translators will be used for the project to ensure a high quality end product.

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