Services | 03.07.2009

Software translation enables businesses to reach a wider market

Software translation is vital for companies wishing to expand overseas. Much software produced could be used globally, if translated and localised into different languages. Software translation and software localisation enables businesses to market their product to an extended number of users, which in turn expands the number of potential buyers. The more users a software business has the more money it stands to make.

Software translation is not a simple question of translating the user interface, help files and accompanying documentation will also need to be translated. In addition software is often regularly updated, necessitating frequent changes. The Translation People work closely with the latest technologies to build comprehensive terminology lists for each client, ensuring that new translations are consistent with the software previously translated. The Translation People also realise the importance of localisation, for example often the German translations of words which appear on buttons within the software are much longer in the translated versions, and sometimes names used in the English version are unknown in certain countries. The Translation People work closely with the client on each project to ensure a bespoke solution is created for their particular software.

The Translation People not only offer translation services, but also online testing and aftercare for all your software translation projects. Call now to discuss your project with one of our very experienced project team.

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