Services | 02.07.2009

Government in Seoul approves translation of films

Translations of two long animated films as well as 10 short animated films will be available outside South Korea this year after the government approved a proposal to have them translated into other languages.The Seoul Metropolitan Government has agreed to this in a bid to increase the exposure of these films abroad. This move should increase their appeal immensely.

Seoul city authority’s business division is committed to not only initial translation, but also to subsequent proofreading. This step will be carried out by professional translators, translating only into their native language as this is the only reliable way of ensuring that all humorous and cultural references are translated properly.

“People say translation is another form of creation. We expect the service to benefit aspiring artists willing to share their work with others,” said Lee Gwang-yeol, an agency official.

A high quality translation of a creative work is an excellent way of expanding the target audience. However, as a word of caution, poor quality translation can actually tarnish the work, as the original intent and creativity can be so easily lost. The Translation People offer translation services both from and into Korean, for a fully comprehensive translation estimate, please upload your file online or call us to discuss your requirements. In addition, if you have a voiceover or subtitling project our specialist team will be able to help you arrange the translation, recording, dubbing, and insertion of your subtitles onto the media files. Whatever the project, The Translation People and their large team of professionals, are on hand to help you with your translation requirements.

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