Translation Industry News | 09.07.2009

ConveyThis: a simple translation tool

Machine translation has a number of drawbacks due to the complexity of language and the cultural differences between speakers of different languages. The art of translation is never as simple as replacing a word with another one from a different language.

Nevertheless, for fairly simple translations, phrasebook type software can be of use. As long as the end user only requires a vague understanding of certain words or short, commonly-used phrases, a piece of software like ConveyThis can serve a purpose.

ConveyThis is a free program designed for use on Google’s Android phone. It offers translation of simple words and phrases and will even play audio clips for extra help. The tool offers 40 different languages, including translation into German, translation into Spanish and translation into French, this sort of tool will be of great use for tourists who aren’t fluent speakers of foreign languages, as it will help them get by in common holiday situations.

Such a tool is however unsuitable for translating official documents. If you need a document translating into another language, you should always seek out human, professional translation services, as only a person can fully appreciate context, grammar and the cultural subtleties involved.

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