Specialist translation technology designed to reduce costs, improve quality and deliver faster turnarounds.

  • Client Portal
    Client Portal
    Maximising technology is part of our ethos. That’s exactly why we custom built our new client portal, capitalising on our knowledge of what clients...
  • CMS Integration
    CMS Integration
    For many businesses, a translation provider’s ability to integrate with content management systems and to produce efficient workflows...
  • File Processing & Conversion
    File Processing & Conversion
    The widespread use of content authoring and management systems means that the days of translators simply working in Microsoft...
  • Machine Translation with Post-Editing
    Machine Translation with Post-Editing
    As the technological landscape of the translation industry evolves in line with the demand for rapid and low-cost translation...
  • Review Tool
    Review Tool
    Translation often isn’t the end of the localisation workflow. Editing and review stages are a crucial component of many projects, especially...
  • Translation Management System
    Translation Management System
    Here at The Translation People we understand that it’s not uncommon for clients to want to know what is happening behind the scenes...
  • Translation Memory and Terminology
    Translation Memory and Terminology
    Speed, cost and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our Translation Memory technology offers you the best of all three by utilising...
  • Workflow Automation
    Workflow Automation
    Safety-critical press releases, real-time risk intelligence, time-sensitive tenders: urgent requests have fuelled the demand for a 24/7 service...
  • Machine Translation on Demand
    Our solution Machine Translation on Demand provides instant and secure translations with just a few clicks.
  • Automated video transcription and subtitling
    Our automated transcription tool enables videos to be transcribed, translated and subtitled more quickly than traditional methods.

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