Legal Document Translation Services

Law firms and legal professionals from around the world have been relying on our secure and accurate legal translation services
for over 40 years.

Our legal translation services cover requirements ranging from business contracts, patents and terms & conditions through to criminal, civil and commercial case material. We know that accuracy is crucial when it comes to legal translation, which we achieve by carefully selecting our linguists based on subject matter expertise and industry experience. Our network of highly-qualified legal translators covers over 250 different language combinations, with each linguist an expert in both translation and Law. With the ability to scale up for large or urgent projects, our professional legal translation services will help you maintain clear and accurate communication with clients whatever language they speak. With added ISO certification, you can have the peace of mind that we offer robust data security processes for all the translations we complete for you. We offer a variety of services including document translation, website translation, interpreting, multilingual transcription and voiceover and subtitling.

Why trust us with your Legal Translations?

Experienced Account Managers

Our highly experienced Account Management team has the skills and expertise to ensure that even large-scale legal translation projects with tight turnaround times can be efficiently processed, using state-of-the-art translation technology to maintain tight control of the process throughout. Your documents will be securely stored and translated, ensuring complete data protection throughout the course of the project in line with GDPR. Confidentiality is key in this sector, and our professionalism, processes and technology guarantee it on every legal translation project we undertake.


Legal translators

Our legal translators are not simply linguists, they also have a deep understanding of legal translation issues and terminology across different countries. This subject matter expertise ensures that your legal translations are an accurate reflection of the original document.


Translation Technology

Thanks to state-of-the-art translation technology, we can offer streamlined processes to reduce costs and ensure even the tightest deadlines can be met. The specialist technology also allows for dedicated legal glossaries to be uploaded into our translation platform so linguists can use approved terminology throughout any legal translations they complete.



Law firms often require legal interpreters to attend hearings and client meetings. Our experienced legal interpreters ensure that essential verbal communication is conveyed between parties accurately and effectively. We cover a wide range of languages and have a variety of interpreters to cover all requirements, including DBS certification and Police clearance.


Our Legal Translation Process

  1. Receive the document: You send us the document/s for translation in a variety of methods, including secure file transfer.
  2. Translation Memory: We analyse the document against our Translation Memory database to see whether there is any previously translated content or repeated phrasing, both of which will be translated automatically saving you time and money.
  3. Translation and review: Our expert translators get to work translating the document/s, with draft translations reviewed for accuracy and suitability.
  4. Quality assurance and delivery: Before delivery, the translation undergoes our strict quality assurance process.


Legal Translation FAQs

What is legal translation?

Legal translation is the translation of legal documents from their source language to one or more target languages, where the meaning and integrity of the original text are retained. Legal translation allows organisations in the legal industry to expand their operational reach by facilitating communication with clients, stakeholders, and other bodies in other regions.

In the legal industry, precision and accuracy are crucial. There is no scope for mistranslations or other errors, as even a single mistake can lead to misunderstandings, or worse. We understand the risks and the stakes, and our legal translation services are structured accordingly: when you work with The Translation People, you can rest assured of precise translations at every step.

We ensure that all of our legal translators have high levels of fluency in the source and target language(s) they work in, and that their legal expertise is of an exacting standard. This combination of linguistic and industry proficiency means that their translation output is at the standard required for our customers to have full peace of mind.

How does legal translation work?

When you commission our legal translation services, you’ll be allocated an account manager with experience overseeing legal translation projects. Whatever the scale of the project, your account manager will use our industry-leading translation technology to oversee and control the process.

All documents in translation are stored securely, in full adherence to data security legislation and in line with GDPR. Only personnel with direct involvement will have access to materials.

How to get legal documents translated?

If you are looking for legal translation services, your first step is to identify a translation services provider with credentials that demonstrates their suitability and expertise. Ideally, they will have a specialist service provision for legal translation, rather than just catch-all translation services: this is important in determining whether their translators have the industry expertise required as well as the linguistic expertise.

Once you have identified a suitable provider, the next step is to outline your requirements in detail. You need to outline the type(s) of document you need translating, the source and target languages, the turnaround time, and any other special requirements. Some examples of document types that might be translated in a legal context are as follows:

  • Contracts
  • Patent documents
  • Terms and conditions
  • Case material

When this information is provided the translation company will be able to quote you for the work and outline how they will approach the project. You then need to decide whether this aligns with your expectations.

How much does legal translation cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all cost for any translation service, and this holds true for legal translation projects. There are plenty of factors at play that determine the price you will pay, including (but not limited to):

  • Combined word count of materials for translation
  • Type of materials
  • Area of law
  • Turnaround time
  • Source and target language(s)

To understand what you might pay for legal translation services, we recommend filling in our contact form, here. With the information you provide one of our team can review the project details and put together a bespoke quote for your review. There is no obligation at this stage, and we will be happy to talk through any questions or concerns you may have before moving forward.

And if you decide to work with The Translation People, you can benefit from reduced rates for future projects thanks to our translation memory process. This entails the creation of a repository of words and phrases associated with your organisation that our translators can refer to in future, streamlining future translations and passing the associated cost savings onto you.

Why is legal translation important?

Legal translation is important because it ensures that all parties in a legal setting can understand the materials. In an arena where language is used very precisely, high quality translations prevent misunderstandings, which can lead to severe consequences like legal challenges, financial losses, and more.

To remove the risk of such misunderstandings, we highly recommend commissioning the services of experienced legal translation professionals.

Who can translate legal documents?

While any translator could theoretically attempt translation of the words in a legal document, the levels of precision required in the industry mean that  the involvement of translators with the highest levels of linguistic and industry proficiency is recommended. We would advise strongly against working with any translators who do not have demonstrable expertise in legal translation.

All of the legal translators we work with have expertise in translation and the area(s) of law relevant to the materials being translated.


Free Download

In our free guide to Legal Translation, we provide you with tips and best practice for managing legal translation projects, including the types of translation that may be required, pitfalls to avoid and the skills required by legal translators. Download our free guide today!

Legal Translation documents we can translate:

  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Contracts
  • Witness statements
  • Medical reports
  • Court documents
  • Will translations
  • Patent translations
  • Birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Divorce papers
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Legalised, sworn and certified translations
  • Terms and conditions
  • Website translation
  • Privacy policies
  • HR and training translations




Our Recent Projects

We’re a trusted translation provider for many leading global brands as well as smaller businesses.

  • Translation of 30,000 words into 16 languages for patients on how to improve health, fitness and reduce obesity.
  • Translation of User Manuals and Engineer's Notes into 14 languages for an engineering company.
  • Translation & subtitling of internal communications in 5 languages for a client in the food & drink sector.
  • Software Translations for an online payment system into over 50 languages.

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