Telephone interpreting

We can provide telephone interpreters worldwide in numerous language combinations.

Our team of telephone interpreters are clear, accurate and professional. All without exception are subject to a strict confidentiality agreement.

In addition, our interpreters work in a variety of specialist fields, with examples such as law, medicine, commerce and finance. You can rest assured that they will be familiar with the most up to date terminology in both languages.

  • Make a conference call to close a deal
  • Order materials from a supplier abroad
  • Call a foreign solicitor
  • Book a holiday

What is Telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting is interpreting (consecutive) over the telephone. This can be done by an interpreter dialling into a conference call, by having an interpreter on speaker phone, or simply by calling the interpreter and passing the handset between parties. To discuss your telephone interpreting requirements or for a competitive quotation, contact us now.

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