Date: 16.07.2014

The Translation People launch an intensified European business drive

Manchester-based translation specialist The Translation People is launching an intensified European business drive in 2009 to help combat the UK recession – and in direct response to the falling value of sterling.

steveThe company is to launch five native-language versions of its website ( – hosted on local servers and featuring country-specific website addresses – in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Director David Nichols – an experienced international trade consultant – is also to step up face-to-face contact in these markets, on a phased basis.

The aim is to increase the amount of business received directly from European customers and paid for in Euros – capitalising on the lower value of the pound.

Well-established in the UK, the £2.4m turnover business already receives a substantial number of direct commissions from the eurozone – for example, a major contract to translate an online payment system into 16 languages, for a Netherlands-based client. The company is also finalising a new contract with a leading European packaging manufacturer.

Steve Wilde, Managing Director of The Translation People, said: “Increasing our European profile is an important part of our strategy for achieving growth in 2009.

“Not only will this enable us to expand our client base, but, given the weakness of the pound, it will also boost our profitability if we can secure payments in Euros.”

He added: “We are following the same advice that we give to our clients in targeting these new markets – setting out an in-country ‘shop window’, using a locally-hosted and branded website in the native language.

“First impressions count, and we believe this approach will mark us out as a leading player competing for business in the eurozone.”

The business is in the process of applying for funding support for its enhanced European drive from the UK Trade & Investment ‘Passport to Export’ scheme.

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