Date: 16.07.2014

The Translation People completes 25-language online project

Language services company The Translation People has completed a major project to raise the global online profile of PKL Group – a leading UK supplier to the foodservice market.

PKL operates the world’s largest fleet of portable kitchens – supplying sectors including defence, prisons, education, catering and hospitality. Based in the UK, it has a strong client base across the world’s military forces and is keen to expand its global activities into markets such as oil exploration and construction.

The business contacted The Translation People to help it improve its Google search engine rankings by identifying the strongest key words in 25 different languages – each representing an important international market.

The complex project involved translating key search phrases – such as field kitchen –
into languages including Czech, Dutch, Danish, Arabic, Russian and Urdu.

The team of specialist translators were also required to identify any necessary re-wording of the phrases that would improve the search engine rankings in a specific language.

The Translation People also produced a simplified version of PKL’s website in five languages: Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and German. These are the company’s first non-English language websites – designed to help PKL localise its presence and expand business in the rapidly-growing markets of Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Steve Wilde, Managing Director of The Translation People, said: “This contract perfectly illustrates the breadth and depth of services we offer our clients.

“In this instance, we not only had to provide translation services across a large number of diverse languages, but we also had to think creatively and apply local knowledge to identify the precise phrases that would improve the client’s web presence.”

Paul Rogers, CEO, from PKL said: “We approached The Translation People with a very complex project, translating our website into many different languages and optimising each translation for local overseas search engines.

“The Translation People coordinated a large group of translators in a short space of time and delivered remarkable results.”

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