Date: 16.07.2014

Demand for Eastern European Languages on the Rise

The results of the “Language Trends 2005” survey conducted by CILT, the UK National Centre for Languages have been published

Birmingham, UK – 16th August 2006

The Translation People, a leading language translation company with a global network of translation experts, today announced that the results of the “Language Trends 2005” survey conducted by CILT, the UK National Centre for Languages have been published. The survey was sent to 925 BLIS (Business Language Information Services) professionals including companies handling international communication, translation, interpreting, language training and cultural briefing services.

The survey found that French, Spanish and German are currently the languages most in demand across all forms of language service in the UK but in the future Spanish, French and Chinese are expected to be the top languages.

Interestingly the demand for language training is decreasing. There are fewer students of languages in secondary and higher education in the United Kingdom whilst the demand for translation and interpretation is increasing significantly. This skill deficit is worrying and could prove problematic in the future. Although German is currently popular, the demand for translation from and into German seems to be slowly decreasing. Language service companies are seeing a marked increase in requests for documents to be translated from and into Eastern European languages, particularly Polish. This is almost certainly due to Poland joining the EU in 2005. It is predicted that the integration of Romania and Bulgaria into the European Union will lead to an increase in translation requests from and into these languages. Furthermore an increase in the demand for Chinese, Arabic and Russian is expected.

The survey results show that the financial, IT and legal fields have the highest demand for language services and this is likely to continue according to the findings. However, an increase in the demand for tourism and public sector documents is also expected.

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