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As Slovenia is now a member of the EU, more and more Slovenians are coming over to the UK to work. As a result of this requests for Slovenian translations of e-learning materials have increased. Although Slovenian people moving to the UK for work often have a very high standard of English, we find that large clients prefer to train their employees in their native language, ensuring that all health and safety information and first aid details are understood correctly. Misinterpretation of such information could be potentially fatal. The Translation People have recently translated procedural documentation, heath and safety manuals, contracts, application forms and financial information into Slovenian. However, our Slovenian translation expertise is not limited to these documents: we also translate legal, medical, technical and pharmaceutical documents both from and into Slovenian.

All our Slovenian translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue and have extensive experience of the subject matter involved. In addition, all our Slovenian translators are qualified professionals who have been working in their field for a significant time. Each translator undergoes a rigorous selection procedure.

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Slovenian translation

The Translation People’s Slovenian translation services are respected for quality, tight turnarounds and our experience with a variety of technical media. The Translation People specialises in both Slovenian to English and English to Slovenian translation.

Our English/Slovenian translation expertise includes, but is not limited to; product catalogues, technical user and maintenance manuals, quality procedures, technical specifications, websites and press releases.

Why use us for Slovenian translation?

  • Our use of translation memory software can reduce lead times and costs of your English to Slovenian translation.
  • Translations can be provided in any format including the Microsoft Office suite, Quark XPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker and InterLeaf.
  • Our English to Slovenian translators are professionally qualified linguists and translate exclusively into their native language.

Slovenian language – Did you know?

Slovenian is spoken by approximately 2.5 million people worldwide and is estimated to be the 178th most spoken language in the world. This may seem very low down in the rankings; however it is still within in the top 10% of world languages. We must remember that many languages are spoken only by small communities in very specific geographic locations. Slovenian on the other hand, is now one of the official working languages of the European Union and is as such gaining importance day by day. When compared to Welsh, which only has 500,000 speakers, over 2 million people is actually quite significant.
Slovenian, also known as Slovene is a Slavic language and perhaps one of the oldest Slavic languages still surviving today; written documents in the Slovene dialect, known as the Freising manuscripts, have been dated back to 1093 and are some of the oldest known surviving documents of any Slavic language.

Spoken predominantly in Slovenia, Slovenian has, throughout history, had numerous influences from other languages. This is likely to be due to the historical border conflicts and the number of different countries who have ruled over modern day Slovenia. During the 16th century Slovenia formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where German was seen as the elitist language and Slovenian the language of the lower classes. Inevitably during this period German had a huge effect on Slovenian and many German words are still present in the modern language spoken today. During World War II, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Hungary all shared power of Slovenia. After the war, Slovenia formed part of the Republic of Yugoslavia where the army spoke only in Serbo-Croatian. With all of these different languages each dominating Slovenia throughout history it is surprising that Slovenian has been able to survive at all.

English to Slovenian Translation

English Slovenian
Hello Živijo
Good Morning Dobro jutro
Goodbye Nasvidenje
Good evening Dober večer
Good Night Lahko noč

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