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Latvian – did you know?

Along with Lithuanian, Latvian belongs to the Baltic group of languages. They are directly related and furthermore belong to the Indo-European language family. Latvian is spoken by 2.2 million people. With a multitude of inflections, Latvian, like Lithuanian, is very similar to Greek and Latin. Although in Latvian translation there is no article. There are also many loan words in Latvian, from Russian, Swedish, German and more recently from English. Just like German, Latvian has six tenses: Present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect, future I and future II. Verbs are conjugated in line with these.

When Latvia joined the EU, the large number of legal texts to be translated showed up gaps in the Latvian vocabulary. Consequently a state translation office now develops and checks neologisms. Latvian is the only Indo-European language in which stress is always on the first syllable. An interesting fact: every Latvian man’s name ends in “s“, “is“ or “us“ (Ivars, Mikus, Jānis) and every female name ends with “a“ or “e“ (Ilze, Inga).

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