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The Translation People’s Kurdish translation projects are delivered by language experts across the world in a wide variety of fields including legal, technical and pharmaceutical. The Translation People are respected for their quality, turnaround times and competitive pricing. The Translation People translate both from and into Kurdish Sorani and Kurdish Kurmanji.

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Kurdish – Did you Know?

Kurdish, unlike many languages, is not the language of a particular state, but is spoken by approximately 26 million Kurds across different territories in Western Asia. Kurdish is spoken in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey among others, although it is only an official language in Iran and Iraq. The use of Kurdish was illegal in Turkey up until 1991 and in Syria it is still forbidden to publish material in Kurdish .

One of the main issues encountered when translating or interpreting into Kurdish is knowing which variant to use, as the Kurdish written in southern Turkey, known as Kurmanji, is closely related to the Turkish language and thus uses Latin characters, while the Kurdish written in northern Iraq and Iran, known as Sorani, is sometimes written using a right to left script resembling Arabic (actually derived from Farsi, the language of Iran). There is also a variant that is written using the cyrillic script, which is used by Kurds from the old USSR. Due to the complexity of this situation, some Kurds are now pushing for a unified alphabet for their language.

The main Kurdish translation requests dealt with by The Translation People relate to Kurdish speakers in the UK – either public sector information that is being translated for the Kurdish speaking community in the UK or for individual cases where a Kurdish speaker needs English documentation translating into their own language. Often clients need an interpreter to liaise between themselves and a Kurdish speaking person. In all cases, it is essential to find out where the end recipient of the translation/interpreting is from in order to choose the most appropriate translator.

Why use The Translation People for Kurdish translation?

The Translation People’s Kurdish translations are completed by professional Kurdish translators and interpreters. In addition, The Translation People can also provide DTP (desktop publishing) services in both Kurmanji and Sorani in a variety of software packages on both Mac and PC platforms so you can be confident that your printed material will look every bit as good as the original English. Translation Memory software can also be used with the two different variants of Kurdish to help reduce costs and lead times.

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