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The Translation People has many years of experience in translating from English into Estonian and vice versa, so is ideally suited to this work.
Estonian translation is always carried out by native speakers to ensure very high quality. What’s more, translators go through strict selection procedures, have at least five year’s professional experience and are specialised in many different subject areas such as industry and technology, economics, finance or medicine.

Did you know?

1,100,000 people speak Estonian as their mother tongue. 950,000 live in the Republic of Estonia, where it is the sole official language. The remaining 150,000 live abroad. Estonian belongs to the Uralic language group and its designation is eesti keel. It has a close relationship to Finnish and a distant relationship to Hungarian. The Estonian alphabet has 32 letters. Emphasis is mostly on the first syllable of the word, with the exception of the word aitäh! (thank you). Interestingly, there is no grammatical gender. A job title like õpetaja can mean male and female teacher. But there are many German loan words in Estonian; as many as 2000. An easy to recognise example is müts – or Mütze in German.

The language history of Estonia is characterised by a marked Russification. When Estonia was part of the Russian Empire from 1791 to 1918, any national identity and cultural autonomy were banned. This only changed when Estonia won its independence in 1918. At the end of the Second World War, Estonia was again part of the Soviet Union which led to renewed Russification. Because of this and due to its accession to the EU, today much value is attached to knowledge of the Estonian language. There are even free language courses for adults in Estonia.

Why should you use us for Estonian translations?

  • Our Estonian translators are academically trained linguists and produce Estonian translation exclusively into their mother tongue.
  • Translations are delivered in numerous formats such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PDF, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark XPress, Adobe FrameMaker and PageMaker.
  • Using Translation Memory Software can reduce the turnaround time and costs for your translations from German into Estonian.

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